What is long form programming?

What is long form programming?

The Long Form Programming Unit creates original documentaries that are shown on CNBC in prime time and are available on CNBC.com, the CNBC app, Hulu, Amazon, and iTunes. Our work is distinguished by solid reporting and excellent narrative, as well as adherence to high news standards. We provide context around current events with a focus on financial markets and business.

We are looking for an experienced documentary producer to join our team. This person will be responsible for producing several short-form programs for CNBC's Newsroom as well as developing new projects from concept to completion. They will work closely with other members of the production team to develop stories, help research topics, identify sources, write scripts, and produce content.

In this role, you will need to manage your own workload including but not limited to: researching topics, writing scripts, interviewing subjects, shooting video, editing footage, uploading content to various platforms when it goes live.

You should have a strong interest in financial markets and an appetite for hard news. You should also be able to write and speak clearly and concisely. Finally, you should have a good understanding of TV news standards and be able to work within them.

This position will report to the Director of Digital Content. The ideal candidate will have some experience working on a documentary series or channel. It's helpful if you have worked on programs that have been nominated for an Emmy Award.

Is there such a thing as long-form content?

If you ask two content marketers about long-form content, you're going to hear two very different answers. The first could argue that long-form material is a risk given viewers' allegedly short attention spans. But more than that, they'd say it's a challenge - one that not many companies are willing to take on.

Long-form content can be any piece of writing that exceeds 2,000 words. It can be an article, but it can also be a book or a movie. Long-form content offers readers or viewers a chance to learn more about a topic or subject matter than they might in a shorter piece. Authors hope to keep readers interested enough to want to continue reading past the lengthier pieces.

In today's world, people are expected to consume content quickly. Advertisers don't have time to grab readers' attention through clever headlines and images; they need content that will hold readers' interest for at least a few hundred words. This means that if you want to attract advertisers who want to reach engaged audiences, you'll need to create some longer pieces of content.

There are many benefits to creating long-form content. You get to provide readers with information they can use immediately or later. For example, if you're creating content for businesses, you can offer tips for saving money or the best ways to find jobs.

What is long-form conversation?

The UCB Long-Form Conversations Podcast is the go-to source for news, information, and in-depth discussions about the world's greatest alternative comedy theater. Hosted by UCB Comedy Lab Director Matt Pizzolo and featuring some of the best comedians working in comedy today, this podcast is a must-listen for any fan of funny people talking about what they love.

In addition to covering events from across the globe, the Long-Form Conversation features interviews with top comics who talk about their lives and careers, as well as topics such as writing, acting, performing, and designing jokesters' careers.

Each episode of the Long-Form Conversation begins with a short interview that often explores different aspects of comedy, such as creative process, character development, or technology. These conversations are followed by a series of more in-depth segments with various guests. In addition to discussing comedy subjects such as social media, podcasts, and improv, these experts share their views on life and work.

Host Matt Pizzolo has been following the work of comedians since 2004, when he started writing about comedy clubs for his college newspaper. He has covered events ranging from small comedy clubs to large festivals, and has interviewed many famous comedians over the years.

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