What is Miss Lou known for?

What is Miss Lou known for?

Louise Simone Bennett-Coverley, also known as Miss Lou, OM, OJ, MBE, was a Jamaican poet, folklorist, writer, and educator who lived from 7 September 1919 until 26 July 2006. She was awarded an MBE in 1981.

Miss Lou was born on 7 September 1919 in Saint Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica. Her father was a school principal; her mother was a teacher. She had two brothers. When she was five years old, her family moved to Toronto, Canada, where she grew up. She returned to Jamaica at the age of 18 to study nursing at the University of West Indies School of Nursing. However, she did not like nursing and instead decided to become a social worker.

In 1949, Miss Lou went back to school to complete her bachelor's degree in sociology at York University. The same year, she started writing poetry that was published in various magazines. In 1951, she received her master's degree in sociology with a specialization in anthropology from George Washington University.

In 1952, Miss Lou returned to Jamaica where she worked as a social worker with the Ministry of Social Welfare. Two years later, she became involved in cultural affairs when she was appointed director of education for East Kingston. In 1965, she founded the Golden Quill Literary Prize, a prize given out annually to promote excellence in Caribbean literature.

Is Miss Lou still alive?

(1919–2006) Deceased Bennett-Coverley, Louise Brooks. Miss Brooks was a pioneering female film actor who became one of the first women to make $5000 for appearing in a movie. She also became one of the first celebrities when she was photographed by Alfred Stieglitz for the cover of his magazine, "Camera Work".

After making her debut at the age of 19 with a role in the silent film The Wild Girl, Miss Brooks went on to appear in over 30 more films during her lifetime. After the advent of sound film, she continued to work into her early 40's and even did some voice acting.

She died in Los Angeles at the age of 92 from natural causes.

Where did Miss Lou die?

Toronto, Ontario Obituary for Louise Bennett-Coverley/Lugar de la Muerte - July 5, 1919 - Toronto Star

Louise "Miss Lou" Bennett-Coverley, actress and singer who created the role of Carmen in The Chocolate Soldier, has died at the age of 44. She was born on January 11, 1879 in North Battleford, Saskatchewan and grew up in a small town near Ottawa. At the age of 19, she moved to Toronto where she worked as a salesgirl before turning to acting. In 1900, she married actor Charles Coverley but the couple divorced two years later. In 1904, she married again, this time to music publisher Harry Lucian Agnew. Miss Lou died on July 5, 1919 in Toronto after suffering from cancer for several months.

During her career, she appeared in more than 30 films including The Chocolate Soldier (1914), which made her famous worldwide. This film is considered a classic of world cinema.

After finishing work on The Chocolate Soldier, Miss Lou went back home to Canada where she lived in retirement with her husband until his death in 1917. She returned to Toronto once more before finally moving to Santa Monica, California where she died.

What is Hilda Doolittle known for?

Hilda Doolittle, also known as H.D., was an American poet who was born on September 10, 1886 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and died on September 27, 1961 in Zurich, Switzerland. She was also a translator, author, and self-described "pagan mystic."

Her father was English and her mother was American; they met while he was working as a clerk in the offices of The New York Times. When she was five years old, her family moved to Brooklyn where she grew up. She began writing poems at an early age and submitted them to magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and The Atlantic Monthly without success.

In 1908, when she was twenty years old, her first collection of poems, White Stains: Two Stories, was published. It was followed by two more books of poetry in 1910 and 1912. In 1913, she married Henry Doolittle, a professor of English at Columbia University; they had one son together but were divorced in 1919. In 1921, she married for the fourth time, to Jean Metcalf; they remained married until his death in 1957.

During World War I, she served in the Red Cross in France. After the war, she traveled widely in Europe and made several trips to Egypt, where her second husband worked as a cultural attache for the United States government.

What is Betty Lou's short name?

Short, Elizabeth "Betty Lou" Taylor Swenson, born on April 22, 1946 in San Francisco, California, was an American writer known for her memoir My Life So Far, which became a New York Times bestseller. The book recounts Swenson's childhood and young adulthood, including details of her relationship with Jim Dyson, who is not related to the vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

Swenson grew up in a middle-class family in Alameda, California. She had two siblings: a brother named John who was three years older than she was; and a sister named Linda who was one year younger than she was.

When Swenson was five years old, her father abandoned the family when she and her brother were left alone with their mother. Her mother worked several jobs to support her children. When Swenson was eight years old, her mother died from cancer.

After the death of his wife, Swenson's father moved out of their home and did not contact either of her siblings again. As far as they know, he is still living in Alameda today.

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