What is the peace summary?

What is the peace summary?

Summary of the poem Peace: In the poem Peace, the poet wishes for the world's population to live in peace and harmony. He envisions a scenario of unity in which everyone is holding hands and the globe is filled with music of peace. The poet fantasizes of a world without conflict. He believes that if this could be achieved, then there would be no need for wars.

Poetry can help us understand ourselves and our world better. The poem Peace shows us how we can come together as a society when we want something very much, even though it seems impossible at first glance. The poet wants us to believe that peace is possible, so we try not to give up hope that one day we will get what we want.

Throughout history, people have tried to figure out a way to stop fighting each other while still staying strong against their enemies. Some have suggested building more weapons, while others have wanted to find a new kind of war. But no matter what solution they have proposed, none of them has been accepted by everyone who has tried them out. This shows that there must be another way to go about things.

The poem Peace explains that if we all lived in harmony with one another, there would be no need for wars. It is easy for us to fight when we don't like someone else's idea of peace, or when they fight with ours.

Who was the peace poem written by?

Answer: "Peace," by Rupert Brooke (1887–1951), is one of the most renowned (or, in some circles, notorious) poems to emerge from World War I. It was first published in January 1915 in The Times, where it was entitled "The Soldier."

Brooke's father was a wealthy landowner and amateur poet who inspired his son to write poetry. When Brooke was still a boy, his family went on a holiday trip that included a visit to the Holy Land. There he saw many bodies of soldiers buried in cemeteries across the region and this influenced him to write about death and war as things people do to each other. He wrote several more poems about world war before dying at the age of 36 from tuberculosis related complications. Although he never actually fought in any wars, he was given the honorary rank of captain in the Cambridge University Officers' Training Corps because of his reputation as a poet.

Here is how The Times described the poem upon its publication: "This is an elegy, or rather a lament. It is for those who have died—and may die again—in the struggle of nations. 'Tis not so much for those who have died alone under alien skies; for these there are songs and flowers, memories and prayers.

What is the summary of keeping quiet?

In the poem, the author urges for a period of silence and stillness in order to reflect on and comprehend ourselves and our relationships, as well as to construct a peaceful and harmonious world. He asks all humans to halt their daily lives for a few peaceful moments of introspection.

The poem is written in sonnets, which are groups of 14 lines with three quatrains and four tercets. The poet begins by asking what kind of man he is by stating that he is "a wretched child" who has done many bad things but can atone for them because they were done in ignorance. He then turns his attention to other people, wondering whether they are good or evil based on what they do. Finally, he asks himself if he is a good person who just happens to have made some terrible mistakes or if he is truly worthy of compassion. At the end of the poem, he resolves to live his life in silence so that others will have time to think and no longer need to deal with his issues.

This short essay will discuss some of the themes present in "Keeping Quiet".

One theme present in the poem is human nature. We see that we are not perfect but rather complex beings composed of both good and bad qualities.

What is the short answer?

Peace is a stress-free condition of security and tranquility that results when there is no fighting or conflict and everything coexists in perfect harmony and freedom. Peace, on the other hand, may be large and little, witnessed in entire countries or fleeting moments. Following a war, two countries may sign a peace treaty, promising not to fight again. But once serious issues arise between them, such as if one country decides to extend its border by adding territory from another country or changes its government system, then it's called "peacekeeping mission".

The long answer is quite complicated. Peace is defined as "the state of being at peace", so it can only exist between parties who are willing to establish and maintain this state. Once the initiating party believes that it has been defeated in some way, then it will not longer be peaceful and will need to be reestablished.

Conflict is the opposite of peace. It is the state of having disputes or differences that lead to violence. Conflict usually starts with a disagreement about something small, like who gets to use a parking spot, which soon leads to violence all around except for those involved in the dispute. When two countries are at war with each other, we call this situation a "conflict".

As you can see, peace is very complex and involves many factors beyond just fighting or not fighting.

How do you achieve a peace essay?

How to Write a World Peace Essay in Simple English: 200 Topic Ideas

  1. Smile to people no matter whether they are indifferent, angry, or unhappy. A smile can melt even the coldest heart.
  2. Forgive people and take them as they are.
  3. Respect every living thing.
  4. Never support violence.
  5. Enjoy what you have now, enjoy every moment of your life.

What is your vision of peace? Is it the same as theirs?

As the author says, it is the same. For me, peace is synonymous with peace as articulated throughout history by great peace proponents, and peace is the presence of social justice—employment, education, social services, and human rights....

What is peace and example?

Peace is serenity and tranquillity, the absence of wars or conflict, or the condition of not having wars or conflict. Peace may be felt on a calm Sunday morning when sitting on a terrace in the woods and watching the birds. A state devoid of conflict, particularly war between countries.

Example is the act of showing what you believe to be true by your behavior. To have an example is to have someone who shows others what life is like by his or her actions.

Thus, peace and example are two important factors that help create peace within ourselves and around us.

There are many ways to achieve peace. You can seek spiritual peace by connecting with your own soul or the souls of other people through meditation or prayer. You can also find peace within yourself by becoming more loving and compassionate toward yourself and others. Finally, you can seek peace with others by apologizing for any harm that you have done to them or by helping them if they need your support.

As for example, there are many ways to show others what life is like for us. You can behave honorably and with kindness toward everyone you meet. You can also give away money to help those in need instead of keeping it for yourself. Last, but not least, you can write about your experiences or share ideas and information with others via blog posts, social media, or speeches.

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