What is repeated in the poem 'identity'?

What is repeated in the poem 'identity'?

"I'd rather be a towering, unattractive plant." He's attempting to argue that his identity should be a towering, ugly plant rather than stardom. "A musty, green odor would be preferable to a lovely, fragrant lilac." He's attempting to convey that he'd prefer smell horrible than smell nice.

Stanley is saying that he doesn't want to be famous, he just wants to be himself. He doesn't want to be known as someone special, he just wants to be recognized as Stanley.

In conclusion, the main idea of this poem is that everyone needs to be themselves, and not try to fit into some type of mold that other people have created for them.

How does the speaker respond to the flowers in the poem's identity?

The speaker considers the existence of flowers to be more liberating than the existence of weeds. The speaker sees the existence of flowers as an expression of human gratitude. Flowers, according to the speaker, are an annoyance to people. However, they are a reminder that nature has provided us with beauty for which we should be thankful.

In conclusion, the speaker responds to the flowers in the poem by saying that they "stir [his] soul." He then goes on to say that they are a welcome sight since there are so many people in the world who lack natural beauty around them.

Flowers represent the joy of life and the desire to keep living even when facing death. In this sense, they show that humanity will never give up despite its circumstances. Science has proven that plants need oxygen to live; therefore, breathing is essential for plants to survive. However, few people realize this fact because few people care about plants. Scientists have also discovered that some animals protect themselves by using smells to either attract or scare away other animals. Humans use perfumes and colognes to do the same thing. Even though flowers may not always seem like it, they are trying hard to survive by seeking out sunlight and water.

What is the meaning of the poem "identity"?

The topic of Julio Noboa Polanco's lengthy metaphor poetry "Identity" is individuality as a means of achieving freedom. Noboa Polanco contrasts originality and uniformity throughout the poem by contrasting two types of plants: weeds and flowers. These two photos are metaphors for two different sorts of life. In contrast to the weeds, which are all exactly the same, he says that "humans are unique creatures."

Weeds are seen as trivial and useless objects in English literature. They can be described as "the least interesting part of the garden," or "a nuisance weed." In this poem, they serve as a metaphor for people who are not significant or valuable. They only exist to distract us from what matters - the flowers - and prevent them from being noticed. By comparing humans to weeds, Noboa Polanco implies that if we want to be free, we should stop trying to be like everyone else and instead be ourselves.

Wild flowers are natural products that come in various colors and forms. They cannot be cultivated because their seeds would not survive transportation to far-away places. Instead, farmers protect them by keeping their soil moist so they will bloom again next year. Humans should be treated with the same respect since we, too, deserve to be preserved rather than disposed of when we lose our usefulness.

Flowers represent beauty and joy.

What kind of poem is resolution and independence?

Poem with lyrics: the resolution and independence poems are all about changing yourself and your life so that you can be happy. They discuss how people can become better individuals by leaving their past mistakes behind them, moving on, and living life to its fullest.

Personal poem: resolution and independence are words that describe how you feel when you have decided to change something in your life for the better. You should use your resolution and courage to create the life you want. You can start by deciding what needs to change in your life and then taking action to make these changes happen.

Lyrics can also help you understand the emotions behind a personal poem. In this case, the lyrics of the song "Evergreen" by Chris Tomlin capture the spirit of these two ideas perfectly. The song tells of someone who has been given an opportunity to start over and to build a new life. It's an inspiring song that anyone can relate to because no matter how many times we fall down, we can always get back up again.

Finally, resolution and independence are also words that describe the state of Colorado.

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