What is silence and how has it silenced the poet?

What is silence and how has it silenced the poet?

The image of quiet silences everything in the poetry. It is a sorrowful representation of her mother's profound loss. Death has the ability to quiet everyone and render one silent. An expert has already concluded this conversation. The poet has also concluded that this conversation has ended because there are no more words left to say.

Death has the power to still the heart and calm the mind, while silence has the opposite effect. Poets use silence to express their feelings about death and loss. These are some examples from poems that show how poets have used silence:

Emily Dickinson wrote many poems about death and loss but this is an example of one of them: "I hear thy voice, but cannot see thy face; / Thine eyes are closed, so I cannot read thy book." This means that Emily is hearing the voice of her friend but can't see him/her because they are gone now. He/she has died.

John Donne also wrote many poems about death and loss but this is an example of one of them: "No man who is not free from joy and grief / Can measure his own pain." This means that nobody can tell how much they suffer if they aren't aware of their happiness or sadness.

Why is the poet speechless at the end of the poem?

The poet eventually becomes mute because she is overpowered by sadness and the anguish of being separated from her mother. She realizes that her mother's grin has faded, as has her mother's presence in her life. The snapshot evokes a fond childhood memory of the poet's mother. However, since her mother is dead, there is no way for the poet to communicate with her anymore.

The last line of the poem does not have any punctuation after it.

What is the symbol of silence in the poem photograph?

This sentence from the poetry "A Photograph" suggests that the poet is deeply saddened by the mystery and reality of her mother's death. Her melancholy, which is tinged with anguish, causes her to remain mute, and she is in continual suffering throughout. Because of her mother's death, she becomes mute and creates a silent atmosphere. This is indicated by the use of the silent'symbol' in the poem.

The photographer has taken a picture of the woman's face. Thus, he has given voice to her sorrow. By doing this, he has created a silent moment to remember his loved one by. This is because voices are important for communication; they can be used to express oneself or others through words or songs. Without voices, humans would be at a loss to tell each other what they want or feel like saying.

In conclusion, the poet's mother has died, but her spirit lives on because she has left behind many memories. These memories are preserved in the photo which has become a silent witness to her life.

What does "silence silences" refer to?

The hush that silences represents her mother's death. Its quiet relates to the loss of the mother, and silence refers to creating more stillness. The phrase "Its stillness silences" alludes to the reality that death has already become silent. She knows this because there is no other sound besides the ringing of the church bells during a funeral service.

What does "silence silences" mean in the poem and photograph?

This line from Shirley Toulson's poetry "The Photograph" suggests that the poet is saddened by the reality and mystery of his mother's death. When she thinks about her mother, she falls mute, overcome by the sadness of her mother's loss.

In the poem, silence is a form of speech used to convey feelings. In this case, it means that the poet is unable to speak because he is so sad. He feels like nothing can ease his pain except for not remembering what has happened.

Silence also means that there are no words enough to describe how someone or something makes you feel. In this case, it is the photographer's mother who cannot find the right words to express how she feels about her husband's death.

Finally, silence in the context of the poem and photo means that there are no sounds coming from the scene. The photographer has turned off his camera because there is nothing more to see.

These meanings all apply to this line from the poem: "silence silences." Poetry allows people to express themselves through words and language. With poetry, they can do this without saying anything out loud (which would be difficult if not impossible with some people). By writing about certain subjects, people are able to share their views on these topics with others.

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