What is the supporting detail sentence?

What is the supporting detail sentence?

What are the supplementary sentences? They follow the main sentence and form the body of a paragraph. What exactly do they do? They provide information to build and reinforce the paragraph's core concept. They also give advice on how to improve people's lives or experiences.

For example, let's say that you want to write about successful businesses. You could start your essay with information about successful businesses (such as Apple or Walmart), followed by some comments about other businesses that may have been successful but that you think my readers should know more about (for example, IBM or Duke University). Finally, you could conclude by saying something like this: "According to one source, however, Apple does not always succeed in its business ventures, so I would advise future entrepreneurs to study Apple's failures as well as its successes."

The supporting detail sentence gives information about the topic that helps explain it while not taking up too much space. This sentence often includes words such as however, nevertheless, still, even though, yet, and moreover. It can be a single word or several phrases separated by commas.

What do supporting sentences give to the paragraph?

SUPPORTING SENTENCES: SUPPORT the paragraph's primary point. In a paragraph, these sentences come after the main sentence. Supporting sentences include facts that serve to describe or clarify the paragraph's core theme. Supporting sentences should be appropriate for the context and flow of the paragraph. They should not contain the same information as the main sentence or repeat it unnecessarily.

In this passage, there are three paragraphs. This means that there will be three opportunities to support the main idea which is "technology has had an important role in society". Each of the paragraphs serves to explain how technology has affected different people or groups of people. The first paragraph discusses the impact of technology on communication while the second one talks about the effect technology has had on work and the third one explains how technology has changed education.

This essay would benefit from more detail in the supporting sentences. For example, instead of just saying that photography has been important, try describing some specific ways in which photography has helped change society. Also, since this is such a short essay, you should probably cut some words out of the supporting sentences too; this will make them more concise and easier to read.

What is the function of a supporting sentence in a paragraph?

The body of the paragraph, also known as the supporting sentences, is intended to support, explain, exemplify, or offer proof for the notion presented in the main phrase. They give information about other things related to what is being said in the main sentence and help clarify it.

Thus, the function of the supporting sentences is to provide necessary information for the reader to understand the main idea. These sentences should not contain redundant information nor should they be too general. They need to be precise and concise.

For example, let's say I want to write about my favorite hobby - reading. I could simply say "I like to read books." But this simple statement does not tell anyone anything meaningful about me as a person. My favorite book might make you think I'm creative, but it wouldn't tell you anything about my personality.

To explain what kind of books I like, I could say "I like fantasy novels." However, this sentence still doesn't give you any real insight into who I am because you don't know what type of fantasy novel I like. Do I like young adult novels? Adult fiction? Science fiction? Historical fiction? Paranormal romance? You would have to ask me or search online for information about my taste in literature to find out.

What sentences support the main idea?

A paragraph's supporting sentences expand on the major notion conveyed in the topic phrase. You should include instances, arguments, or details to back up your main phrase while writing supporting sentences. For example: "In addition to its many amenities, the hotel has a gym and a pool."

These sentences help explain why people like hotels or what they offer. They also show how popular hotels are with other people so it is reasonable to assume that they would be interested in booking one.

Think of ways you can vary your sentences to keep your reader interested and involved in the story. Avoid using too many adverbs or adjectives, which can make your writing sound unprofessional. Instead, use descriptive words such as highly effective, extremely dangerous, clearly visible, and so on.

The most effective sentences are those that get straight to the point. Try not to include unnecessary information in your paragraphs or essays.

Why do we use "support sentences"?

Supporting sentences provide information to help the reader grasp a key concept or evidence to demonstrate why a claim is accurate or correct. Supporting sentences appear in the middle of a paragraph, following the main phrase and preceding the conclusion sentence or transition. They are introduced by words such as moreover, also, thus, therefore, hence, then, so, yet, etc.

These are some examples of supporting sentences:

Also, Lincoln was not only the leader of the Civil War, but he was also one of the most important presidents in U.S. history. Moreover, he had a significant impact on the progress of civil rights in this country.

Lincoln's views on slavery were very complex. On the one hand, he believed that it was an evil that should be abolished before the end of his time in office. On the other hand, he knew that the South would not agree with him on this issue and so could not make any real changes regarding slavery itself. Also, he hoped that the states where slavery did exist would eventually abolish it themselves.

Finally, supporting sentences help readers understand the relationship between two ideas or concepts within the context of the whole essay. For example, in this passage from Theodore Roosevelt's autobiography, The Rough Riders, he describes his participation in the Battle of San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American War.

How do you write a good supporting sentence?

For example, if you were writing about the advantages of being an American citizen, you would want to include examples of how citizenship benefits Americans. The more specific and relevant your examples are, the better.

When writing supportive sentences, keep these pointers in mind: Support your ideas effectively by providing reasons and examples. Make sure your sentences are clear and concise. Use simple language that is easy to understand. Avoid using complex words or phrases unless they are necessary. Try not to repeat yourself or ramble within your text.

How did you identify the supporting sentences?

Remember that readers need to be able to follow your argumentation even if they do not read the sentence order used by you when writing.

In this passage, the supporting sentences provide information about the major idea in the topic sentence: Christopher Columbus discovered America. The supporting sentences also explain what led up to this moment in history and discuss its consequences. The first supporting sentence explains that "prior to Columbus's voyage, Europe knew of the continent's existence only from reports of explorers such as Amerigo Vespucci (1454-1524) and Vasco da Gama (1469-1524)." This sentence supports the idea that Columbus opened up new opportunities for Europeans by proving that there was a continent full of wealth waiting to be discovered. The second supporting sentence states that "this discovery led to an explosion of activity by Europeans who wanted to trade with the Americans and claim land for themselves." Again, this sentence reinforces the idea that Columbus's discovery caused many positive changes in Europe and the Americas.

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