What is the supporting evidence in a paragraph?

What is the supporting evidence in a paragraph?

Evidence that backs up a claim establishes its veracity. A summary, paraphrase, or direct quote can be used as supporting evidence. Supporting evidence is a key component of the body paragraphs, and it is critical to be selective in the evidence used. Supporting proof to back up the allegations made in the main part of the essay should be included here.

In your own words, what is evidence? Evidence is facts or information that either supports or contradicts the truth of a statement. For example, evidence that a treatment works comes in many forms: clinical studies, case reports, expert opinions, etc. Evidence that it does not work are also well documented in the literature: failures in replication studies, negative results from experimental research, and so on. Evidence is needed to make decisions about healthcare practices. It is important for you to understand this concept because it will help you analyze articles with respect to their credibility.

What is the difference between evidence and facts? Facts are simple truths that can be confirmed through observation. Evidence is one piece of evidence that may or may not prove the truth of a fact. For example, if I say that all swans are white, that would be a fact. If I then showed you a black swan, it would be evidence that not all swans are white. Evidence can be further divided into two categories: direct and indirect. Direct evidence is facts or statements by people who have first-hand knowledge of the situation at hand.

What is effective supporting evidence?

In writing and speeches, supporting evidence is material, such as statistics, instances, and quotes, that assists the author of a book or the speaker of a speech in explaining and proving his viewpoint or argument. Supporting evidence can be used to corroborate facts stated by the author or speaker, to provide additional information about what he is saying, or to challenge assumptions made by him or others.

Without supporting evidence, opinions would be no more than subjective beliefs. History is full of people who have done great things or made important contributions without any written records whatsoever. The only way they can be recognized is through other people's words about them, which are called reports. These reports usually contain information not found anywhere else, including descriptions of how they conducted themselves and their ideas on issues before them. For example, historians know about Alexander the Great because people hundreds of years after him wrote books about him. They included details about his campaigns that were not available elsewhere. Similarly, scientists know about Einstein because those who worked with him later wrote articles about him. They described his habits and his views on science and religion for example, subjects about which most scientists then knew nothing.

People don't like being told what they do or did not do. This is especially true if they have been dead for a long time.

What is the evidence in a persuasive essay?

Evidence consists of facts with supporting elements (stories, experiences that allow the reader to understand and comprehend the fact). Choose evidence from the list below to back up your claim and persuade the reader of your point of view. Observation Make an observation and tie it to your point of view. Example: "Most people like pizza. I just ate three pieces myself!;" Analysis Analyze an aspect of a topic and explain its importance for your argument.

Results of analyses can be presented as facts themselves. For example, "According to research studies, people prefer chocolate to strawberry ice cream." Or they can be used to support a claim. For example, "These results show that most people prefer chocolate over strawberry ice cream." Argument Essay Structure The basic structure of an argument essay is simple: state your position on the issue and provide evidence to support it.

Start by stating your position on the issue. This could be a opinion or belief that you want to convey. Use statistics when they can help make your point, but they should not be the only element in your essay. Avoid using quotes or anecdotes in place of evidence. These are subjective and do not prove your point.

Next, give examples of evidence that support your position. You do not need to present all the evidence here; simply pick the examples that will make your point clear.

What is the purpose of this supporting text?

A supporting text's principal aim is to give information that help to prove an argument made in a text. When selecting a supporting text, we must assess if it contains enough information to support the claim we are making. If it does not, we should select another one that does.

In this passage, the supporting texts are images 8 and 9. They provide evidence that supports the argument made in paragraph 2. Without these images, the argument would be less persuasive.

Images are useful because they can give us information about things we could never see with our own eyes. This image shows a slice through a strawberry to reveal its inner structure. This type of image is known as a micrograph or microscopical image.

Strawberries have many tiny air sacs within their cells that contain approximately 90% water by weight. These spaces act as reservoirs for water and nutrients that are transported to the fruit's outer skin where they are released into the surrounding soil when the flower petals fall off after pollination has taken place. The remaining 10% of the cell volume is made up of solid material such as proteins, carbohydrates, and other substances necessary for growth and survival.

Microscopic images like this one are useful because they allow us to see details about strawberries that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.

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