What is the central idea of the poem, "Animals"?

What is the central idea of the poem, "Animals"?

The Poem's Central Idea Walt Whitman praises animals in his poem "Animals" for being superior to humans and possessing all of the qualities that humans lack or have forgotten. Among these attributes are tranquility, a lack of avarice, and the capacity to remain pleased and restrained. By comparing animals to humans, Whitman seeks to undermine any negative views people may have about them. He also tries to convince readers that they should love animals instead of fearing them.

This idea is expressed through several images and metaphors used by the poet. One example is this line from the beginning of the poem: "Unconquerable animals! Unapproachable animals!" (line 1). This metaphor compares animals to powerful warriors who can't be defeated by human weapons because they don't fear anything including man. It also tells us that animals are excellent at what they do (unconquerable) and shouldn't be taken lightly (unapproachable).

Another image used by Whitman is that of "a child with a dog". In this case, he is saying that animals are capable of loving others just like humans do while we humans only love those who give us something in return (i.e., money). Finally, the last line of the poem states that we should love animals instead of fearing them because they aren't able to fight back.

What was the wish of the poet's animals?

Walt Whitman, a poet, admires animals for being superior to humans. The poet aspires to dwell with animals and to live in a world where no one complains and where everyone is free of sins and sufferings.

In his work Leaves of Grass, published in 1855, Walt Whitman describes his dream of living in harmony with nature. He hopes that other people will share this dream and help us create a new society where nobody owns anything and everything is held in common.

Whitman's animals represent a purer form of life than humans. They are innocent and happy, not burdened by sin or suffering. Humans have lost this original grace and are now separated from nature. Animals can still enjoy themselves like when they were first created by God. Humans need to return to this state of innocence before they can be reunited with their fellow creatures.

Whitman uses different methods to communicate with his animals. Sometimes he writes about them or quotes others who have spoken about them. Other times he sings directly to them!

Animals appear in several poems from Leaves of Grass. Some of them talk about specific events that took place during Walt Whitman's life, such as the time he spent working on a farm or sailing down the Ohio River.

How does the poet contrast animals with human beings?

The poem "animals" contrasts humans and animals, with the poet claiming that humans lack many virtues because they are greedy and selfish, whereas animals are much more true and satisfied. He believes that humans are constantly dissatisfied with their lives and are drawn to material possessions. Animals on the other hand have no need for wealth or status and are content with what they have.

In conclusion, the poet thinks that animals are superior to humans because they do not suffer from depression about their lives and are not concerned with material things.

Why do I like the poem about animals?

Expert Approved Answer Walt Whitman admires the modesty of animals in his poem "Animals," which he believes is lacking in the human race. The poem, like the majority of Whitman's work, has an em-jammed form with blank lines in which he portrays the animals' plain and straightforward nature. Whitman also uses this opportunity to praise various animals for their virtues.

This short but powerful poem was one of several written by Whitman while he was working as a nurse during the Civil War. It was first published in 1866 in a collection of his poems called Leaves of Grass.

Whitman was a great admirer of animals and often used his poetry to express his feelings toward them. He believed that animals were innocent and unselfish and never harmed anyone who didn't have any right to fight back. This made him feel good about himself because he knew that none of them deserved to be killed just because they could not defend themselves.

In addition to being a nurse, Whitman wrote poems about many other things, including love, death, and politics. But he always kept his mind open to new ideas and did not judge people who had different beliefs than him. This allowed him to write true to himself even though it might not make sense to most people.

Walt Whitman was a famous American poet and journalist who lived from 1819-1892. His works include poems, essays, reviews, and orations.

How, according to the poet, are animals superior to humans?

In the poem "Animals," the author expresses his desire to become an animal since he believes animals are superior than humans. Human people are avaricious and envious of one another. Animals, on the other hand, are tranquil and self-contained. They do not care about fame or disgrace. Humans should learn from animals, who show us that we need not be like them but can be something more if we try hard enough.

In this poem, Shakespeare is criticizing human behavior as well as trying to teach readers a lesson by comparing them to animals. Humans are no better than animals because they are both creatures with senses who know what they are doing is wrong. Animals are simply wiser because they don't suffer from greed or jealousy. They live in the present moment and don't worry about the future or the past. This shows that humanity needs to change its ways or else it will always be struggling without ever stopping to look around itself.

Shakespeare uses poetry as a tool to express himself and also to teach readers lessons about life. In this case, he is saying that if humans want to be like animals then they must stop being greedy and jealous. Then they would realize that they are all born equal and deserve love and kindness instead of hatred and violence. Only when humanity changes will there be peace on earth.

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