What is the central theme of the poem, Animals?

What is the central theme of the poem, Animals?

The poet want to live with animals and experience a life without complaints and without faults and sadness. The poem's main topic is not to laud how good animals are, but to compare people to them in order to show their weaknesses. Animals are innocent and harmless while people are evil and destructive.

The speaker in the poem says that he wants to live like an animal because they do not know how good they have it. Animals are free from hatred and jealousy because they do not know what these things mean. They also have no fears, because there are no ghosts or monsters out to get them. Humans, on the other hand, are afraid of many things including death, which is why they make plans for when they will no longer be alive.

People think that they are more powerful than animals, but actually animals are stronger because they do not suffer from disease or old age. Humans, on the other hand, must deal with these issues which makes them weak. Also animals don't bother killing each other; humans kill each other because they are evil and want to control others.

Finally, the speaker says that he wants to live like an animal because they are happy even though they don't know why. Animals are free from sorrow and pain because they can't understand why people feel this way about them. They may seem stupid to us but that's because we know better than them.

What was the wish of the poet's animals?

Walt Whitman, a poet, admires animals for being superior to humans. The poet desires to live with animals and to experience a life without complaints and without faults and sorrows.

His dogs are not welcome at his funeral because they were not human.

Whitman is known for his support of women's rights. He also supports civil rights and immigration rights. He does not support slavery or racism.

He writes about these issues in some of his poems. For example, in an 1855 poem he says: "Give me the liberty to know, to think, and to say!; Give me the freedom to fail, to sin, to suffer!; It is not much to give, but it is everything to need."

These words sound similar to the motto of the United States, which is "Equal rights for all people".

In another poem titled "O Captain! My Captain!", he expresses his admiration for the captain who died during the war. The war was between the USA and Britain while Whitman was living in America.

The captain in question is Abraham Lincoln. In this poem, Whitman praises Lincoln for his courage and compassion. He also wants to be like him when he grows up.

What is the theme of the poem "Animals" by Walt Whitman?

What is the poem "Animals" about? The poem's topic is the superiority of animal life above human existence. Whitman relates animals to humans in his poem. Animals appeal to him significantly more than humans. This admiration leads Whitman to believe that animals are better suited for living a happy life than are humans.

In conclusion, the theme of the poem "Animals" by Walt Whitman is that animals are better off without humans. They exist in a state of happiness that we can only imagine, since we are subject to pain and suffering like they are. However, unlike animals, humans have the potential to learn new things and grow as people which makes us unique compared to other creatures on Earth.

What is the main message of the poem, The Song of the Whale?

The poet's message is that we should appreciate the lives of all living creatures, that we should not slaughter animals for selfish reasons, and that we should safeguard all species from extinction.

The whale symbolizes humanity because they too were once an innocent creature who got caught in the struggle for survival between humans and other animals. However, unlike humans who can think and feel, whales are just animals so they would have had no choice but to obey those who fed them. Today, human beings are the only species that kills others for fun and profits. Whales died so that humans could enjoy music, movies, and books. This fact shows how important it is for us to save animals' lives.

Another thing this poem tells us is that we need to protect our environment because if we destroy Earth then there will be no place for any more generations of animals to live. Humans are responsible for the death of many animals because we hunt them down for their skins, bones, and meat which we then eat. We also kill animals in wars and accidents. However, most people do not like to think about these deaths because they want to believe that humans are different from other animals so they try not to think about it. But the truth is that everyone dies; humans, animals, trees, and rivers too.

What message does the poet want to convey through the poem, Animals?

Walt Whitman's message is that man should live a happy, comfortable, and tranquil existence like the animals. He should refrain from amassing fortune. It will cause him to be selfish and greedy, to commit crimes, to repent for his actions and follies, and to have restless nights. Moreover, there will always be another day tomorrow.

Animalism is a philosophy that treats all living things equally important, with equal value as a human being. It rejects the idea of human supremacy over other species. It also denies that suffering is an essential part of life and believes that killing innocent beings to make money is wrong. Finally, it seeks to minimize animal exploitation by using tools and technology to allow animals to survive in a world that would otherwise kill them.

In conclusion, Animals tells us that if we wish to follow in Walt Whitmans footsteps, we should live a balanced life, spend wisely, remain honest, and love others, especially those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

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