What is the longest inaugural speech ever?

What is the longest inaugural speech ever?

In 1841, William Henry Harrison delivered the longest inauguration address, with 8,445 words. The longest phrase, at 737 words, was found in John Adams' 1797 address, which comprised 2,308 words. Washington delivered the shortest inauguration address in history, only 135 words long, in 1793. The most recent inauguration saw Barack Obama make the longest inauguration address of all time, with 1,725 words.

Harrison's eight-and-a-half-hour speech has been credited with causing his death four days later. The record for the longest inauguration speech is held by Abraham Lincoln, who spoke for an hour and 52 minutes during his 1865 ceremony.

The most recent president to be sworn in was Donald Trump on January 20, 2017. He delivered the longest inauguration address of all time, with a total length of 1,616 words - an average of about three per minute.

Lincoln's second inauguration on March 4, 1865 was also very long. He began at 11:00 a.m. and didn't finish until after 3:00 p.m. The entire event lasted over six hours. During that time, he made two lengthy speeches, one at each end of the day, and answered questions from the Senate and House simultaneously.

Obama's second inauguration in 2013 was the first to be streamed live online.

Who gave the longest inaugural address speech with 8,445 words?

The longest sentence of John Adams' inaugural address, which totaled 2,308 words, was 727 words long, according to the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. The second longest was James Buchanan's, which also totaled 2,308 words. It included 652 words that were not part of any sentence.

The shortest inauguration address was that of William Henry Harrison, who only needed one hour and 49 minutes to give his address during his 1889 inauguration. The most words in one sentence was 20, written by Abraham Lincoln after he was elected president in November 1860.

Lincoln's second inaugural address was very short - just three sentences - but it contained a number of phrases that have become famous or controversial in U.S. history: "With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in our principles, and unity in our goals, America will find room for everyone," said Lincoln.

These four sentences about equality and justice for all people are often used by teachers as an example of how to write effective speeches.

Lincoln's first inaugural address was much longer than his second one because he had more things to say about what kind of country we wanted to be. His second inauguration address was only three sentences because there wasn't anything else to say about being president.

What is the longest inaugural address?

Harrison's inauguration address was the longest to date, clocking in at 8,445 words. It also was cited as the first time a president had used all available White House writing desks in trying to write such a speech.

It's been more than 100 years since another U.S. president has delivered an inaugural address this long. The previous record was held by Harrison, who also was up against some geography: The podium upon which he was speaking could hold only 3,500 words before it became illegible to those seated farther away from it.

In fact, Harrison used every available word of the limited space, reading from two different manuscripts of the speech while standing behind his desk and later while sitting in a chair placed next to the bed where his wife, Mary, was sleeping alone (he was in Philadelphia attending Congress).

The record for longest presidential speech is now held by Barack Obama, who delivered his Inauguration Address on January 20, 2013. His speech lasted 4,516 words - almost exactly half of Harrison's effort.

Obama's speech was also unusually long considering that it included no quotations or references to other people or events.

Who was the first president to skip his inauguration speech?

On March 4, 1801, Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated as the first President of the United States. His speech is available here. After a contentious campaign, Adams did not attend Jefferson's inauguration on March 4, 1801, when he had served as vice president.

President William Henry Harrison gave the longest inaugural address, according to the American Presidency Project. The speech lasted approximately 8,500 words. In comparison, President Barack Obama's first inaugural address was around 2,400 words long, whereas President Bill Clinton's inaugural address was only 1,600 words long.

Inaugural Address Lengths William Henry Harrison had the longest inaugural address at 8,460 words and took one hour and 45 minutes to deliver. This was 3,000 words more than Taft's, which was the second longest. George Washington's second inaugural address was the shortest at 135 words.

What was the length of William H. Taft’s inaugural address?

Inaugural Addresses' Lengths Rank # President Year Word Count 1 9 William Henry Harrison was born in 1841 and died in 1846. In 1909, William H. Taft received 5,434 votes; in 1845, James K. Polk received 4,809 votes; and in 1821, James Monroe received 4,472 votes.

It was the shortest presidential tenure in history. In 1793, George Washington delivered the shortest inauguration address in history, with only 135 words.

Has every president given an inaugural address?

Since Washington, every president has given an inauguration address. Following Washington's second inaugural address, Franklin D. Roosevelt's fourth address on January 20, 1945, was the shortest, at only 559 words. Ronald Reagan's first address, which he delivered by videotape in front of a studio audience, was the longest at 3,529 words.

The earliest known presidential inauguration took place on March 4, 1789. George Washington had been elected the first president under the Constitution on December 15, 1987, and took the oath of office on February 4, 1801. The latest inauguration took place on January 20, 2009. Barack Obama became the first black president to be sworn in during a second term.

Each president needs to be inaugurated in order for their term to begin. If they do not have enough time before their term expires, they can be replaced by the vice president. All this means that every president has to be sworn in on the first day of their term.

Although all presidents need to be sworn in, not all have given an inaugural address.

Who gave the shortest inaugural speech?

At 135 words, George Washington's second inauguration address remains the shortest ever delivered. The previous record was held by William Henry Harrison, who needed only 30 words to deliver his 1841 inauguration address.

In terms of content, Washington's speech was quite lengthy. In fact, it was the longest presidential speech until Lincoln's second inauguration in 1865. However, since then no president has been able to top Lincoln's lengthiness with their speeches.

Lincoln's second inaugural address is still considered one of the greatest speeches in American history. It's length alone makes it worth reading; however, it also contains some great lines such as "And so, my friends, do not despair that I am discouraged. Discouraged?! A more hopeful word was never spoken! No, rather say I am confident of success, because confidence in performance increases power and energy."

If you want to read another amazing speech, please read Molière's last speech before he died at the age of 44.

It's interesting to note that both Washington and Lincoln were very young when they became presidents. Washington was only 45 years old when he took office while Lincoln was only 42 years old when he was assassinated.

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