What is the main goal of an argumentative text?

What is the main goal of an argumentative text?

An argumentative essay's purpose is to clearly establish a point of view, logic, and evidence. A solid argumentative essay should have the following structure: Paragraph 5 of the introduction wanthiiphaanmaa's essay argues that “our world is full of injustice” and suggests that this fact justifies any attempt at change. The body of the essay explores different forms of injustice (such as oppression and discrimination) and analyzes their causes. It also identifies possible solutions to these problems (for example, by advocating for increased civil rights or more equitable distribution of wealth). Finally, the conclusion restates the main idea of the essay and offers suggestions about what can be done now that the problem has been identified.

In addition to providing clarity in thinking and writing, the main goal of an argumentative essay is to make us think critically about the issues it addresses. As we read articles that question existing practices or assumptions about something fundamental to our lives, we often feel compelled to reply with our own thoughts on the matter. This means that when someone writes an essay that challenges certain beliefs or behaviors we hold dear, we are naturally inclined to look for ways in which we could improve ourselves or our surroundings.

Of course, not all essays that focus on one topic will do so in a way that encourages readers to think critically about it.

What is an argumentative argument?

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing in which you take a position on a topic. A strong argumentative essay seeks to persuade readers to comprehend and accept a writer's point of view on a topic by articulating their reasoning and giving evidence to support it. Strong essays also provide evidence that they have conducted a thorough research of the issue at hand.

In other words, an argumentative essay is a written statement that offers a persuasive reason for believing or deciding something. These reasons are often based on facts obtained from original sources such as books or interviews with people who are experts in the field (i.e., scholars). The goal is to show that one viewpoint is better than another because it makes more sense based on what we know now. A strong essay will clearly state its position on the topic and defend it logically.

Some examples of topics that students may write about in an argumentative essay include: public opinion on issues such as abortion or immigration; theories about how our universe was created; or best practices for schools across the country. Although these topics appear simple on the surface, they are actually very complex. To effectively analyze each one requires knowledge of different disciplines including history, science, or politics. Writing skills are also essential - being able to organize ideas and convey them in a clear manner are both challenges that must be met to produce a strong essay.

What are the characteristics of an argument?

The structure of an argumentative essay is comprised of the five components listed below:

  • Introduction and thesis.
  • Opposing and qualifying ideas.
  • Strong evidence in support of claim.
  • Style and tone of language.
  • A compelling conclusion.

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