What is the meaning of "great expectations"?

What is the meaning of "great expectations"?

Garbine's presence is critical. She has a strong grass game and will be held to high standards. This team needs someone to take some pressure off Durant, who is expected to carry the load this season after winning MVP last year. Garbine will get a chance to prove she can be that player.

The Thunder had great expectations last season, but they were just not good enough to make the playoffs. If they want to go further than that this season, then they will have to live up to all hype surrounding them. It's time for the world to find out if Kevin Durant is really the best player in the league or not.

What is a sentence for ambition?

His ultimate goal is to perform in a symphony orchestra. He will never amount to anything in life because he lacks the drive to put in the effort. She is a driven individual who will go to any length to obtain success. He has been given the gift of vision by his parents, who have helped him develop this skill. Without a guide to help him achieve his goals, he would be lost.

Ambition is the desire for success and recognition. It is also the driving force behind progress. In order to succeed, one must have ambition; one cannot have success without it. Without ambition, one would never reach for higher goals or take risks in hopes of achieving them.

Some people may say that you are not really living if you aren't trying to better yourself physically, mentally, or financially. These people are right. You should always be striving to improve yourself or at least stay where you are so you can avoid disappointment.

If you lack ambition, then you are missing out on so many wonderful opportunities. You should try hard to change this situation and follow your heart's desires. The more you care about something, the more energy you will have to pursue it.

So, ambition is needed to succeed in life. If you don't have it, then find ways to make yourself feel better about yourself and get excited about future successes.

What can we learn from great expectations?

Great Expectations' moral premise is straightforward: affection, loyalty, and conscience are more essential than social success, riches, and status. Second, Pip wishes to increase his social self-esteem. In love with Estella, he aspires to be a part of her social class, and with Mrs. Joe's help, he succeeds.

Third, Mr. Jaggers wants revenge on the Bassets for past wrongs. He hopes to use Pip as a tool for this end. However, he fails and loses interest in him altogether.

Fourth, Miss Havisham desires to punish the world for its indifference to her wedding preparations. She aspires to have a grand wedding, but no one comes to see her as she plans it. So, she gives up and goes back home alone.

Finally, Herbert Pocket wants to improve his social position in life by marrying Miss Flite. Though he starts out with low motives, he becomes interested in other people's problems and helps them. Thus, he earns respect from others and is called "a good fellow who does other people's work."

In conclusion, everyone in Great Expectations seeks happiness. Some seek it through wealth, others through power, and some like Herbert Pocket try to achieve it through helping others.

What is the irony in Great Expectations?

Great Expectations makes extensive use of situational irony, in which both the reader and the characters are oblivious of certain facts. Estella, the ultimate snob, for example, turns out to be the daughter of a gypsy and a criminal. She also has multiple siblings she has never known about because her parents wanted her to have a normal life. Also, Miss Havisham is an orphan who has become an old woman by birthright, but no one knows this except for Pip, who happens to be her favorite pupil.

In addition, there is some abstract irony in the fact that it takes someone from a poor family to help another poor family, but only if they love each other truly. Or, as Mr. Dickens put it himself: "The ironical part of it is, that though money can't buy love, yet it often leads to its discovery."

Finally, there is dramatic irony, which occurs when we know something that someone else does not know. In Great Expectations, this happens many times, most notably when Pip meets Estella for the first time. He realizes that she is the girl that everyone was talking about, even though she doesn't know it herself. Even so, she still likes him even though he comes from a poor family. This shows that even though she thinks less of him because of his background, she still loves him deeply inside.

What is the difference between expectation and expectancy?

Something that is expected or likely to occur is referred to as an expectation. The feeling of hopefulness in which you anticipate what will happen is known as expectancy. As a result, she has every reason to believe that she will become a successful performer in the coming years. Successful performers are those who attract many spectators to their shows.

Expectancy can be felt even before the actual event takes place. For example, if I tell you that it will rain tomorrow, you will expect rain to fall the next day. Even though it may not actually rain, you still feel certain it will. Expectancy is also high when there is a good chance of something happening.

If you ask someone why they expect something to happen, they can say it is because they have seen other things like it happen before. But they would also add that there is also a bit of luck involved. Some people go on lucky streaks where everything they try seems to work out, while others suffer bad breaks over and over again.

Expectancy is also raised when there is some evidence that something will happen. If I told you that there was a 90% chance of it raining tomorrow, you would expect it to rain. Although this isn't very much information, it is enough to make you think that it might rain.

What are the benefits of setting expectations?

Setting expectations with employees has the advantage of providing clarity for both the employee and the management and getting everyone on the same page. Sets a benchmark for future performance measurement.

It also creates a work environment where there is no mystery as to what will be expected of them. This can help reduce employee anxiety and improve their morale.

Finally, setting expectations ensures that there are no surprises when someone starts working for you. Everyone knows what to expect, which saves time that would have otherwise been wasted trying to get down the road of confusion as to what exactly it is that you want done.

The most important thing is that you are clear in your own mind as to what expectations you have for your employees. If you aren't sure, then ask them! Only by understanding their role can you ensure that they feel like they are being rewarded for their efforts.

Have you ever had an experience where you felt like you were fired from your job? If so, how did that make you feel? Was it easy to find another position? What characteristics must a good employer possess? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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