What is the message of the poem, Animals?

What is the message of the poem, Animals?

The poet want to live with animals and experience a life without complaints and without faults and sadness. The poem's goal is not to laud animals for their godlike qualities, but to contrast humans with them in order to emphasize their shortcomings. Animals are innocent and do not suffer from guilt, while humans are sinful and do.

In conclusion, the poem tells us that it is better to live as an animal than as a human being. Since animals are free from anxiety and pain, they can enjoy themselves without worries, while humans have trouble finding joy in anything other than money or power.

How does the poet contrast animals with human beings?

The poem "animals" contrasts people with animals by stating that humans lack many qualities because they are greedy and selfish, but animals are much more real and contented. He believes that humans are always unhappy with their life and are drawn to material stuff. Animals on the other hand have no need for such things and are happy without them.

People usually become angry or sad when animals die, but the fox is glad because he will not have to fight in a war. This shows that happiness does not depend on what you have but who you are next to. Humans are meaningless creatures without souls so they cannot be compared to animals which are full of life and joy.

In conclusion, the poet wants us to know that although humans and animals come in different shapes and sizes they both have one thing in common: they both want to be happy.

What was the wish of the poet's animals?

Walt Whitman, a poet, admires animals for being superior to humans. The poet desires to live with animals and to experience a life without complaints and without faults and sorrows.

His dogs are not welcome at his funeral because they were not human.

Whitman is known for his advocacy of animal rights. He writes about this in one of his poems: "I believe that every creature has a right to exist - to live as long as it likes within reason - and has a duty to itself and to the world to avoid doing harm. This is what I call a right to life."

He also says that animals are happier not being treated like property because they can't talk yet we think they can understand us. And he believes that if given the choice between living as humans do or going back to how animals live now, most people would choose to live as animals do.

In conclusion, Walt Whitman wishes that everyone could live like animals do. They're happy without asking for anything more than just to be allowed to live their lives in peace.

Which two qualities of animals are pointed out in the first line?

The Poem's Main Points Animals are peaceful and comfortable. They never mourn for their wretched circumstances, as people do. They never worship God or lament their misdeeds. They are not possessed by the craze or craziness of having and possessing stuff. They exist in a state of natural contentment.

Animals are also innocent and harmless. They do not fight wars or commit violence. They do not eat each other. They do not engage in behavior that could harm others or themselves. Humans can use this knowledge to be more like animals by not sorrowing over their circumstances and instead living peacefully with what they have.

People should also learn to hate rather than love money. Some people may say that this last point is wrong because animals love money too. But the main difference between animals and people is that people can understand and think about things beyond their immediate needs. Animals don't care about anything except eating and sleeping.

This last point shows that money cannot give you true happiness. Money can buy you food and clothes but not peace of mind. This means that nothing else matters unless you make it so. If you want to be happy, you need to put yourself first. Don't worry about others or about life itself. That's what makes humans different from animals.

Why does the poet want to live with animals?

Because animals are innocent, calm, and quiet, the poet wishes to transform into one and live with them. They are satisfied with themselves and their environment. They are more kind and loving than humans. It's because the animals are at ease. They can't be anxious or worried about anything. This makes the poet feel peaceful and calm too.

Animals show us what life is all about. They have no worries or anxiety. They are just like us when we were young. When we look at them, we can see that nothing has changed in millions of years. They are still free and easygoing. This makes them perfect symbols for what it means to be human. Animals don't worry about tomorrow or yesterday. They live in the present moment just like us.

In conclusion, living among animals shows us what life is all about. We should try to live peacefully, calmly, and easily like them as much as we can.

What message does the poem 'A Legend of Northland' convey?

The poem communicates the notion that we should have good attributes such as affection, love, fellow-feeling, sympathy, kindness, and a sense of sharing as humans. The poet also suggests that those who have terrible, inhuman ideals such as selfishness, greed, and brutality are eventually punished. This poem also conveys the message that it is important to respect other people's views even if you disagree with them.

How, according to the poet, are animals superior to humans?

The poet recounts his desire to become an animal in the poem Animals because he believes animals are far superior than humans. Human people are selfish and envious of one another. Animals, on the other hand, are tranquil and self-contained. They do not worry about their future or that of others.

Animals also live in the present moment without fear. Humans, on the other hand, constantly struggle with anxiety and fear of death.

Finally, animals experience only physical pain while humans suffer emotional pain as well. Humans have imagination and creativity; we can enjoy music, poetry, and painting. These are things animals cannot do.

In conclusion, the poet believes that animals are far superior to humans because they are free from stress and anxiety.

What is the main message of the poem, The Song of the Whale?

The poet's message is that we should appreciate the lives of all living creatures, that we should not slaughter animals for selfish reasons, and that we should safeguard all species from extinction.

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