What is the most embarrassing moment that ever happened to you on Quora?

What is the most embarrassing moment that ever happened to you on Quora?

I pulled my pen from my shirt pocket and handed it to him... (Because I was working at the time, I always carried a pen in my shirt pocket.) He and his aide broke out laughing two seconds later... I couldn't figure out why they were laughing... until a few months later when I found out he had asked someone to write "penis" in big red letters on my back with lipstick!

What’s the most embarrassing thing a girl has ever done?

It was quite humiliating. I was outside playing with my twin brother in our swimming pool one day. I jumped out and raced over to the front yard because he was pursuing me around. Finally, he grabbed me and reached out to grasp my trousers, but he mistakenly yanked them off, and I slipped into the mud without them. He tried to help me out, but it was no use; I was stuck pretty good. My mother found us like that and just laughed her head off.

The next day at school, everyone had heard about what happened and started calling me "Miss Mudpie." It really hurt my feelings. I wanted to wear shorts to school from then on but my parents didn't want me to because they thought I might get sick if I got sunburnt.

About a year later, I saw my brother walking down the street with another boy who looked a lot like him. They both had their hands behind their backs and were giggling. I quickly walked up to my brother and put my hand on his shoulder to stop him from walking any further. When the boy turned out to be his friend from school, I felt terrible. I knew my brother had been laughing at me the whole time we were playing in the mud pool.

Since then, he doesn't talk to me anymore. We still live with my parents though, so it's not like they don't know what I do for a living...

What can save you from humiliation?

Humour is the barrier that protects you from embarrassment. You become indestructible if you refuse to be humiliated. The more you are humiliated, the stronger you become.

People humiliate others for three reasons: to express their anger, to make a point clear, and because they enjoy it.

Anger can be expressed in many ways, including physical violence. Physical violence may not always result in death, but it usually leaves its mark on the victim's psyche forever. The victim of physical violence often feels humiliated for having caused the anger that was used against him or her.

The point of making someone feel humiliated is to show them who is boss. If they do not understand this fact, they will keep on misbehaving. Children learn good manners by seeing their parents behave properly. As they get older, they copy what they see. Thus, the more mature people are, the better they know how to handle themselves in a public situation.

Some people enjoy making others feel humiliated because it gives them a high. This type of person is called a sadist. Sadists usually get their pleasure from causing pain to other people for their own sake rather than because they want to teach anyone anything.

What was the most embarrassing moment in front of your parents, Quora?

When the maid went away from the closet after around 5 minutes, Mom urged me to go fetch some clothing. The maid laughed at me and said that I must have informed her that I required access to the wardrobe earlier. To salvage my dignity, I hurriedly grabbed a t-shirt and a fresh towel. So it was my most humiliating moment in front of Mom. But she didn't scold me like everyone else does.

What are the embarrassing things to say?

3 Embarrassing Things to Say to a Stranger

  • “I like fuzzy kittycats, warm eyes, and pretending household appliances have feelings.”
  • “I’ve never seen the inside of my own mouth because it scares me to death.”
  • “I have Regis Philbin’s face tattooed on my belly.”

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