What is the most important quote from The Crucible?

What is the most important quote from The Crucible?

Act Four, Page 133, John Proctor. The comment was stated by John Proctor in the context of his self-esteem, self-worth, and reputation. When Proctor's confession was read out in court, he said these words. The most famous sentence said by John Proctor in "The Crucible" is "because it is my name."

In her book "I'm No Angel: Life in Modern America", Elizabeth Goudge describes how this statement affected her family. Her father lost his job, they had no money, and her mother went to work cleaning other people's homes. They were very poor.

Goudge says that when her parents heard this accusation they were "stunned". Her father wrote an article called "Tragic Case of an Innocent Man" which was published in several newspapers across the country. In this article he said that everyone has something bad about their name - even President Lincoln had a nickname that was not good - and argued that Proctor was an innocent man who had been falsely accused.

However, despite her father's efforts "the most important quote from The Crucible" continued to be mentioned in newspaper articles about the case. Goudge says this made her feel terrible because her parents didn't have any money and she had to leave school to go to work.

Finally, after many months, the case was settled.

What are the motivations of the characters in the Crucible?

This comment by John Proctor was said in response to one of the many motivations in The Crucible's Salem witch trials. Some saw the witch trials as a chance to seek personal advantage by accusing others of witchcraft. The characters in The Crucible had a variety of motivating aims, including sexual, political, and pecuniary ones.

John Proctor was probably motivated primarily by religious beliefs. He wanted to save his own soul by revealing the witches' names so that he could be released from his oath not to testify against them. However, he also may have been tempted by money - both his own and his wife's - and power over others. His wife, Elizabeth, was a powerful figure in her own right - she was one of the first women elected to public office in America - and perhaps she used her influence with John to encourage him to accuse the women of witchcraft.

Other members of the society of Puritans were willing to betray their neighbors for money or fame. Giles Corey, for example, would have been happy to see the women executed so that he wouldn't have to answer questions about what happened in the meetings of the village council. John Indian took the stand to avoid being sold into slavery - he was granted his freedom in exchange for testifying against the women - and William Phips hoped that exposing the women's activities would bring him glory beyond his wildest dreams.

There are several characters in The Crucible who appear to be completely uninterested in the proceedings.

What does John Proctor represent in the crucible?

Proctor is a steward, or someone who is in charge of something. In The Crucible, John Proctor represents the entirety of God's graciousness and forgiveness. He is a sinner who has repented and begged God's forgiveness. Because of this, it is believed that God will forgive him, making him an example for others to follow.

John Proctor is responsible for his community. Although he is not happy with what has happened, he still loves his town and wants what is best for it. When accused by Dan Cooper of being a witch, he denies it but also refuses to testify against her because he knows what will happen to him if he does. However, when his daughter Elizabeth sees how much harm she has caused by telling on her father, he changes his mind and tells the court that he believes her mother is a witch. This causes him to be tried for treason but, since he has confessed, he is only fined $5,000 and ordered to stop practicing witchcraft.

Besides being responsible for his community, John Proctor also models humility. Even though he is one of the most powerful men in Salem, he stays out of the affairs of others and lets them work things out among themselves. He never tries to influence people nor get involved in politics, which are both activities reserved for leaders.

Who is the most courageous character in the crucible?

In The Crucible, John Proctor is the most brave character. He has courage because he stands up for what he believes in despite the fact that it will cost him his life. Without Proctor, there would be no trial so he cannot be counted as one of the heroes of the story. However, since he does stand up for what he believes in even though it costs him everything, we can say that he has shown courage.

Also, note that although Abe Lincoln is not a character in The Crucible, he is still considered a hero because of his actions to save America. Also, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is also considered a hero because of his actions to fight racism and achieve civil rights for black Americans.

Finally, Ghandhi is also considered a hero because of his actions to end slavery and promote peace in India.

He showed courage by fighting against injustice even if it meant sacrificing himself. Therefore, John Proctor is the most courageous character in The Crucible.

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