What is the most remarkable thing about the school master in the poem, "The Village School Master"?

What is the most remarkable thing about the school master in the poem, "The Village School Master"?

The most amazing aspect of the village's schoolmaster is his wealth of knowledge. The biggest asset of a person is their knowledge. The Village Schoolmaster, by Oliver Goldsmith, is about the schoolmaster's intelligence and wit. He is a great educator because he knows so much about many different subjects.

He is also able to teach them all simultaneously because he is a good speaker. Everyone likes listening to an interesting story or teaching moment told well. Thus, the schoolmaster is able to keep his students interested with his stories and anecdotes.

Finally, he is revered by everyone in the town. This is because he is so knowledgeable about health, science, and history. No one doubts that he is a great man at his job.

Goldsmith wrote this poem after visiting the village school himself. He was impressed by how intelligent and witty the schoolmaster was and wanted to write about it. However, instead of writing a simple poem, he wrote a long essay about education. Then, another writer named William Cowper decided to turn this essay into a poem. He added some of his own words in some places in the schoolmaster poem but mostly kept it true to form.

What is the temperament of the teacher in the village schoolmaster?

Oliver Goldsmith wrote the poem The Village Master. The poem expanded on the character of the rigorous schoolmaster who loved to teach. He was a smart thinker who taught his kids with kindness. These teachers cared about their students and worked hard to help them learn.

The poem describes the schoolmaster as having a strong sense of justice, but also being quick to anger when wronged. It's suggested that if you do get into a fight with this man, you better not lose.

Overall, the village schoolmaster is a good role model for young people to look up to. They should admire how much effort these men put into teaching their children. At the same time, they should be aware that even schoolmasters can be unfair when pushed too far.

What impression does the poem give you of the qualities and abilities of the village schoolmaster?

3 How does the poem make you feel about the traits and talents of the local schoolmaster? Ans: (a) The local schoolmaster was kind to his students and committed to his job as a teacher. On the one hand, he was rigorous, but on the other side, he was compassionate. (b) The local schoolmaster was knowledgeable in his field and helped his students learn. He showed an interest in their lives outside of school by taking an active role in the community.

4 In what ways does the poem reflect the values of its time?

5 What do you think is the main message of "The Schoolmaster"?

6 Does this poem still have any relevance today?

Ans: The Schoolmaster by Alexander Smith was written in 1808. This poem shows how much the world has changed since then. There are now public schools where children can get a good education for free. The schoolmaster's job has also changed; instead of being involved in the classroom work himself, he now usually sends his students home with homework to do. However, he is still needed today because there are many places around the world where people do not have access to a proper education.

What type of poem is the village schoolmaster praising?

Oliver Goldsmith's work The Village Schoolmaster (lines 193-216) is an excerpt from his poem The Deserted Village (430 lines). It is a well-known pastoral elegy. The schoolmaster is mourning the death of a young student who has committed suicide.

This short poem was written as a reaction to the death of one of Golding's students, Thomas Gray. Gray had died at the age of 26 in a local inn on May 20, 1751. Before he died, he left a note saying that he was going to commit suicide because he was unhappy and could not get along with people.

Gray's father was a wealthy landowner while his mother was a poor widow with several children to raise. He was educated at a private school in London before being admitted to Oxford University where he studied law for two years before dropping out to take up teaching. He later became head master of a small school in Norfolke County near Cambridge.

In this poem, the schoolmaster praises Gray's virtues and tells what a loss it will be when he dies. Then he compares his dead friend to Pygmalion's statue that came to life after being kissed by a beautiful woman.

How did the village schoolmaster run his little school?

In a tiny community, the village schoolmaster conducts his modest school. The speaker claims that he and the other truants are familiar with him since they have experienced the master's fury. The kids have learned to read the teacher's attitude by monitoring his face. The stress of the day is visible on his brow. When the speaker sees this, he knows it's time to go back to class.

His method is simple but effective - he calls on students' names in order. The first one to answer gets five blows from a stick, which the others then have to repeat. If any kid refuses to go back, the master beats him too.

This story shows that even a small school can be very efficient if its teacher is skilled at motivating his students. In addition, he should be knowledgeable about his subjects so he can teach them properly.

Schools have improved a lot since the Middle Ages when they were only available for rich children. Now many communities have established free schools for poor students who can afford to pay tuition fees. These schools usually take students from age six through to fourteen and they offer an education that's similar to what we know today. There's still some debate about whether these schools improve academic performance but there's no denying that they play an important role in leveling the educational playing field.

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