What is the poem since you by Dionne Brand about?

What is the poem since you by Dionne Brand about?

This poem depicts the speaker's journey through the many phases and emotions associated with overcoming the loss of a relationship. We can observe by evaluating each stanza that each one symbolizes a shift in feeling and a distinct stage in the speaker's recovery. The first three stanzas describe how initially the speaker felt devastated by the loss and incapable of moving on. But over time she learns to deal with her grief and move forward.

The last three lines of the poem serve as a summary of the entire poem: "And now I live my life from day to day / Trying not to think about what could have been / And for sure there will never be another man/Or woman either." The speaker has come to terms with the fact that Dionne Brand was only able to love one person at a time and that it is important to live your life daily.

Dionne Brand died on January 4, 1980 after a two-year battle with cancer. She was only 39 years old.

This poem is included in this collection because it represents one woman's journey through grief. By reading only this excerpt, you would get the impression that all things are fine now that the speaker has moved on from her loss. But actually, she still misses Dionne very much and lives each day trying not to think about her.

What is the theme of the poem "Smile"?

Smiles in Context They can enhance the lives of persons they meet on the street while also eradicating the concept of "care." In the last sections of the poem, the speaker underlines the importance of smiling even when one is sad. This is the only way to defeat it and emerge victorious.

The theme of the poem is happiness. It tells us that there is no better remedy for sorrow than a smile from someone who cares.

Smiles can change lives. That's why the poet wants us to spread smiles everywhere we go. He believes that we should always try to put ourselves in other people's shoes before judging them. Only then can we understand why some people do things that make others dislike them. And once you know this about another person, you can't help but love them.

Smiles are like air. We cannot live without them, but they can save lives too. When you see someone struggling with life, give them a smile. Even if you don't feel like it, it will come back to you later. Knowledge is power. Use it wisely.

What is the theme of the poem, The Bean Eaters?

The poem stresses the couple's prior lives. They cope with the monotony of their current lives—in which they eat the same beans every day, wear the same clothing, and clean the same little space—by recalling more exciting days in their past. The woman remembers days filled with love and joy, while the man recalls fighting in a war that ended years ago.

This poem is about two lost souls who find comfort in each other despite the misery of their present circumstances. It was written by Walt Whitman when he was a young man living in New York City. Like many poets, he used his experiences to create poems that others could enjoy. His themes include death, love, loss, grief, and happiness.

Whitman published his first collection of poems when he was only twenty-five years old. He continued to write more poetry over the next few years, eventually publishing four more books. During this time he developed a reputation as one of the leading poets of his time.

In 1855, at the age of thirty-four, Whitman decided to travel to Europe for a year. While there, he visited many countries and made notes on everything he saw and did. When he returned home, he wrote an article for a newspaper called The Brooklyn Daily Eagle describing some of his adventures.

What is the poem about his love about?

This poetry is a monologue in which a soldier speaks to the fiancee or lover of a deceased soldier about his death, lamenting his loss and lamenting the fact that he would never have the pleasure of the dead soldier's company again. The poem was probably written by John Greenlaw, who died in 1649. It was first published in 1650.

John Greenlaw was a Scottish clergyman and poet. He has been called "Scotland's first professional poet."

Greenlaw served as minister of Aberfoyle from 1632 to 1635 and again from 1639 to 1649. In both periods of service, he led the church through two restorations after it had been destroyed by fire. He also wrote sermons and religious poems which were widely read during his time. One of his best-known poems is "The Complaint of Scotland," which describes the sorrow of the country upon hearing of King Charles I's execution. Another poem, "The Desolation of Death," was widely sung after its publication in 1650.

He died in 1649 at the age of 47. His body is buried in the old cathedral at Aberdeen, but there is no monument to mark his presence there. However, a memorial plaque has been placed on the wall of the nave near the entrance door where he would have stood when entering the building for services.

What is the poem on the street about?

This poem is about a man who is living life as it comes and has no idea what he wants out of it. He encounters hurdles and continues to perform the same behaviors as previously. He is at a loss about what to do or where to go. Suddenly, he sees an opportunity and takes it. This changes his entire demeanor and puts him on a new path.

The speaker in the poem is someone we can all relate to. He has no idea what he wants out of life but just goes with the flow. One day he finds himself in a strange city with no friends or family. There he meets another person who shows him the way out of his predicament. This person introduces him to a new lifestyle that allows him to live life to its fullest.

So the moral of the story is that if you follow someone else's footsteps blindly, you will never find your own path. Make sure you take time to explore what matters most to you in life and don't be afraid to try something new even if you aren't sure what will come of it!

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