What is the resolution of Sonnet 18?

What is the resolution of Sonnet 18?

What happens in Sonnet XXX: Fatal Interview? If forced to pick, the speaker will choose love over all else. Instead of equating his love to a summer day, the speaker resolves to immortalize (make her last forever) by penning this poetry.

The sonnet is one of Shakespeare's more mysterious works. It was probably written for someone he loved but who has not been identified. The poem itself is a dialogue between two people - perhaps a husband and wife. During their conversation, the woman asks the man several questions about love. He responds with three sonnets that seem to answer her queries.

Sonnet 18 begins with the poet asking what is so rare that it should be coveted? What is so rare that it should be coveted? He goes on to say that love is even more rare than gold, yet many want to get their hands on it.

Love is thought to be rare because it is such a strong feeling. If you think about it, there are really only four types of love: romantic love, familial love, friendships love and hate. They all feel very similar but each type of love has its own qualities that distinguish it from the others.

Romantic love is when you fall head over heels in love with someone you have never met before.

What is the central message of Sonnet 18?

Shakespeare uses Sonnet 18 to extol his beloved's attractiveness and to illustrate how their beauty is preferable than a sunny day. The overriding topic of this poem is the constancy of love and its potential to immortalize someone. Love makes us do strange things but it is also what keeps us together even when we should not be affected by it.

Love is an emotion that has many expressions: love between friends, love between colleagues, love between spouses, etc. It can also refer to an intense feeling toward someone or something. In literature, love often stands for blind devotion without reason. Love is said to have made two people unite despite their differences. Love is considered the greatest power on earth because it is what keeps humanity going even in worst times.

Sonnet 18 is one of Shakespeare's early poems and one of his shortest ones at only 14 lines long. It was probably written for a friend who had gone abroad to study. The poet expresses his love for him and compares him to the sun, which is appropriate since the friend went abroad to work in a royal court where he would meet many beautiful women.

Shakespeare uses comparison in many of his poems to emphasize what he wants to say. Here, he compares his friend to the sun so as to show how bright he is compared to other people.

What is the solution in Sonnet 18?

In sonnet 18, the dilemma is that everything in nature dies. The poet is looking for a wonderful metaphor to compare his love to, but none of the standard metaphors are working.

What does the final couplet of Sonnet 18 mean?

The last two lines of this sonnet suggest that Shakespeare is gloating about the value of his work, namely this piece. He concludes the notion in the couplet by declaring that as long as humans exist, this poem will remain, and she will live in it. This shows that even though other poets may come along later and write better poems, nothing can ever take the place of Shakespeare's work over time.

Here's how the couplet reads: "Let those who think themselves my imitators know that what I write is not so intended but they shall find by trial that my words are not like their own for there is a new art to make old things new."

This means that people who try to follow in Shakespeares' footsteps will end up doing their own style of writing - something completely different from what he did. Even though they may get some praise for their work at first, everyone will realize that they have gone out of their way to write something unusual, so soon they will be forgotten about.

Shakespeare didn't set out to copy anyone else. He wrote what came natural to him, and this sonnet is no exception. It's obvious from reading it that Shakespeare wrote this one very early on in his career, maybe even before he started publishing plays. So it can be assumed that he was just having fun with words and imagining what would happen if one of his friends died.

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