What is the sentence for "cheered along"?

What is the sentence for "cheered along"?

He continued repeating his poetry. 7. Joined in the cheering The audience joined in the cheering for their favorite contestant. 8. Used as an expression of approval or agreement Cheering along means to approve or agree with something someone says or does.

What is the verb for "cheered"?

NAmE/"tSIrIN/1 [transitive, intransitive] to yell loudly, to offer support or admiration for someone, or to urge them As the squad took the field, we all cheered. Crowds applauded their arrival. Someone should be congratulated. As the President drove slowly by, the audience applauded. Thesaurus.com defines cheer as "to give loud voice to express approval or encouragement".

The word comes from the old English chier, which meant "to call out, shout", and was derived from a source unknown. Although it once had another meaning, today it only means "to call out, shout".

Verb forms: cheer (transitive), cheered (intransitive).

What is the meaning of "cheered along"?

People applauded as the Titanic began to leave the dock. 8. On board: onboard, on a ship, in an airplane, or on a train-I got on the train just in time or I'd be in big danger. 9. As far as I know, he's not hurt. 10. They cheered him along.

How do you spell cheer?

Approbation salutation, congratulation, triumph, and so on: The squad players applauded their skipper. To make someone happy (often followed by up); to make someone happy The excellent news made her happy. She encouraged or incited him when he was about to give up. She was a cheerleader for the football team.

Cheer is a transitive verb that means to cause joy or excitement; to be favorable or encouraging. Her attitude cheered him up.

An intransitive verb meaning to bring happiness or encouragement; to act as a cheerleader: His remarks cheered me up.

A noun that means a call to action; a request for support: a fundraising cheer "a rallying cry"; "a slogan"

A phrase that means a call to action; a request for support: a fundraising cheer "a rallying cry"; "a slogan"

A verb that means to bring happiness or encouragement; to act as a cheerleader: His remarks cheered me up.

What does "cheered" mean?

/tSIr/B2. To deliver a loud approbation or encouraging shout: Everyone applauded as the victors were presented with their medals. He was rooting for the opposing team. They cheered as their favorite player hit a home run.

What is a synonym for "cheered"?

The road was lined by cheering people. I appreciate synonyms. The audience cheered and laughed. Hail. Clown. Joke.

What is the adverb of cheer?

In a way that makes you happy; hearteningly, it stimulates you. With applause. The audience gave him a round of hearty cheers.

He was greeted with cheers and applause when he arrived at the theater.

She cheered up at the sight of her favorite tree.

Cheer up! said his teacher when he complained about the punishment he had received. Cheer up! said his mother when he told her about his school problem.

Cheer means to give praise or encouragement to someone else's success or good fortune. He cheered her up by telling her about his own success. We cheer up others by giving them good news or advice. He tried to cheer her up by telling her about some good news he had heard, but she was not interested in hearing it.

People sometimes cheer inappropriately, though. They may yell "Cheer up!" when someone else is having a bad day. This expression has no place in polite society!

Also, people can be cruel. If you are being teased or bullied, nobody should cheer you up. Remember, there are more serious problems in the world than your mood.

When to stop walking and when to clap?

Challenge your group and each person to continue to reply to each order as accurately and quickly as possible. "CLAP" requests that your entire group clap at the same time.

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