What is the smallest font size?

What is the smallest font size?

The smallest font size that most people (and regulators) are likely to consider readable is 2.5 mm (x-height 1.2 mm) or 7 points. To guarantee optimal reading, font size should be raised according to label and container size when space allows. For example, for labels in small boxes you need a 6 point typeface, while for ones in larger boxes 8 or 9 points will do.

For legal documents, it's recommended that you keep font sizes no smaller than 11 points. Some jurisdictions require much smaller text, so check local regulations regarding what can be put on labels.

In Europe, we usually use 7 points as minimum font size. In America, it's 5 points.

Here are some reference points: A phone number is about 3 mm high. An address is about 50 mm by 75 mm. A bar code is about 2 mm wide x 3 mm tall.

Keep in mind that people read from left to right and top to bottom, not exactly forward from back. So if you want something to be noticed, make sure that it's big enough to be read!

What font is used for net weight?

The FDA specifies the following standards to guarantee readability for your customers: A typeface with a height of at least 1/16 of an inch based on the lowercase letter "o." Typically, this indicates a minimum font size of 6 points. If the font is three times as tall as it is broad, the words will become deformed and unintelligible. A typeface that meets these requirements is called "readable text."

If you are looking for a script font, we recommend Scriptina. It has been described as a cross between a cursive writing style and printed material. This makes it perfect for use on products such as invoices and shipping labels that require handwriting but need to be printed in larger sizes. The only downside to using this font for handwriting is that it is very difficult to learn because there are so many differences between printed and handwritten styles.

For traditional hand-drawn look fonts, we recommend Adobe Garamond or Gill Sans. Both of these fonts have been popular choices for readable text since they were first introduced in the 1970s.

If you are looking for a display font, our recommendation is ITC Helvetica. It's a modern font that contains both handwritten and printed elements which makes it flexible enough for most applications while still looking nice when printed in large sizes.

What size font is too small for print?

In print, I'd avoid anything smaller than 10 points. Make your fonts larger if your readers are middle-aged or older, or if they are visually challenged. Keep in mind that even though the point sizes are the same, different typefaces are physically larger or smaller. Keep your line length shorter as the font size falls. You can have a page full of tiny type on a screen but it's hard to read and understand when printed out.

What is the minimum font size for text in Word?

Headings are usually 14 to 24 points high. Fonts in Word may be scaled from 1 point to 1,638 points. Smaller point sizes than 6 are often too tiny for a person to read... pushing text size.

Ctrl+Makes text one point size larger
Ctrl+Makes text one point size smaller

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