What is the strange thing about being alive?

What is the strange thing about being alive?

What an odd thing! To be alive in the midst of cherry blossoms! Kobayashi Issa, a Japanese poet, penned this about three hundred years ago. He knew everything there was to know about life. The pain and pleasure of love, the transience of dreams, and the beauty of springtime all caught him up short and made him wonder what life was for.

Nowadays most people can't wait to be dead. They wear black because it's easy to clean blood off clothes. They drive at high speeds because who wants to die in a car crash? But back then people didn't know any better. There were no doctors, no hospitals, no drugs, not even any knowledge of germs. People just lived as they did every day: eating and drinking too much, arguing and fighting, crying and mourning. Sometimes they even went to war over who would rule the next kingdom or nation. And when some didn't want to fight, they were put to death.

Being alive was very difficult back then!

What inspired Abel Meeropol to write Strange?

Meeropol initially published "Strange Fruit" in 1937 as a poem called "Bitter Fruit," inspired in part by a distressing image of a lynching in Marion, Indiana in 1930. His wife later adapted the poem to music, which was later played by black soprano Laura Duncan at union rallies and finally at Madison Square Garden. The song became a major hit for Etta Jones in 1945.

In addition to being known for his work with Anna Gaynier, Abel Meeropol was also one of the few people who knew about Vladimir Ilyich Lenin's death. In January 1924, Lenin suffered a cerebral hemorrhage while traveling on a train in Finland and was taken off of the train at an isolated station where doctors could treat him. He died six days later, but only Meeropol and one other person were allowed to attend his body back in Russia.

In 1964, Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the Civil Rights Act, which outlawed discrimination in employment practices. However, there was still some racism in America that had not been resolved during this time period. In 1975, George Wallace ran for president on the American Independent Party ticket. His main goal was to keep blacks from voting, so he created much controversy when he said "Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever...This is no time for segregated schools."

In 1978, Larry Flynt started Hustler Magazine.

Who said that living is the rarest thing in the world?

Oscar Wilde-At-Large Oscar Wilde is a one-of-a-kind individual. All that most individuals are is that they exist. —Floating Quote-Inspirational Life Motivation Quotes.

Living is the rarest thing in the world. Most things are common, but life is unique. Every life has a special meaning and value, whether it is known or not. A few people have lived amazing lives filled with success and happiness, while many others live quiet lives full of loneliness and despair. It depends on you what kind of life you will have. No one else can live your life for you, but you can work to make your life the best it can be.

There are many myths about living a good life. For example, you must be happy to live a good life. The truth is that you can have a good life even if you are not happy all the time. Living a good life is an effortless task if you know how to take care of yourself first. You should always put yourself ahead of everyone else, including your family and friends. Only then will you be able to give them your whole attention and love.

Some people believe that living a good life is difficult because they look at the many bad people in the world.

What would life in Innisfree be like?

The poet envisaged living in Innisfree because he desired to escape his hectic contemporary existence and dwell in a beautiful setting where he could rest and be at peace. The game and beauty of nature so captivated him that he was obliged to live in Innisfree by himself. He did not want anyone else around him since he found company enough in his books.

Innisfree is a village in the county of Clare, Ireland. It is located about 6 miles south-south-west of Ennis on the River Fergus, just off the N67 road. Today, it is one of many villages that have grown up around Irish towns or cities over the years. When Jonathan Swift lived here, it was a small community with only about 50 houses. Like many other Irish settlements, its population increased rapidly after the construction of the Great Southern Railway from Dublin to Clare in 1854. This brought many people to work on the new line and also provided opportunities for entrepreneurs who wanted to start businesses outside of urban centers.

Swift used his influence as a member of the Parliament of Ireland's (the former name of the Oireachtas) Committee on Agriculture to help develop plans for an agricultural college in Clare. The result was the creation of an agricultural school here in 1872. The college initially offered classes in farming methods and crops but later added courses in engineering, veterinary medicine, and nursing.

Which strangeness is the poet talking about?

The poet is referring to the "sadness" that we create by our own thinking and behaviour. We have a good understanding of many things, yet he does not comprehend himself or his behavior. His haste and haste create us problems. He is determined to start battles against mankind. Therefore, they say his heart is filled with hate.

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Why does the poet want to live unseen and unknown?

Because he wishes to remain unseen and unknown, the poet wishes to live and die discreetly. He want to die peacefully so that no one would be able to show their grief after his death. Also, by not being recognized, he hopes to achieve fame and glory after his death.

This is why the poet wants to live and die in anonymity. He believes that if he can't be seen or heard by others, then they will never know how wonderful he was with his words of wisdom.

Also, living in secrecy means that he won't have to worry about anyone taking advantage of him or using his name for their own purposes. No government, corporation, or other entity could ever take away his freedom of speech because it violates many people's privacy rights.

In conclusion, the poet wants to live and die in anonymity because it would allow him to make peace with himself after leaving this world.

What is the meaning of a mysterious person?

Someone or something mysterious is unusual and not well known or understood. The word "mysterious" means "relating to, affecting, or being an unknown factor or influence"; something that is mysterious usually affects or influences others without their knowing what it is doing.

Mysterious people are those we don't know very much about because they keep certain things private or hidden from others. They may have a secret life that they don't want anyone else to know about. Perhaps they work at a job but really wants to be a musician. Maybe they were in a fight with someone and now have that person's eyes when they walk down the street. Whatever it is, the person feels like they can trust you enough to tell you about it. That's why they're mysterious.

Mysterious characters appear in books, movies, and television shows. Some examples are Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, and Dexter. These are all fictional characters who live very exciting lives that most people would love to have. However, they also have some secrets behind them that only they can see.

There are also real-life mysterious people out there.

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