What is the theme of "Home" by Anton Chekhov?

What is the theme of "Home" by Anton Chekhov?

Chekhov explores themes like family, health, and making smart decisions in his short tale "Home." The story is about an old doctor who decides to retire and move to a village with his son. While visiting his former patients, the father realizes that some are unable to pay him back for their prescriptions so he continues to practice even though he has retired.

The story begins with the doctor returning home after failing to find a new job. His wife and son tell him that they have prepared a room for him. The old man is surprised by how beautiful and spacious it is and thinks to himself that it must be nice to be rich. He goes inside and sees his wife lying down because she is sick. Her illness does not worry the doctor much since he knows that there is no cure for female hysteria. However, when she refuses to see a doctor or take medication, this causes him concern.

Later that night, his wife calls out for help but the doctor cannot reach her because the door is locked from outside. He breaks open the door and finds her dead. He cries out for someone to help him but nobody comes. After this tragedy, the doctor decides to leave his town and move to a village where people have more respect for doctors.

What three things made the author’s house a home?

The three elements that make the writers' house a home are as follows:

  • His friends.
  • His cat.
  • His feeling of having a family.

What is the basic idea of the poet's a house, a home?

According to the poet, a home may be created by a family of father, mother, sister, and brother who care for and love one another without any selfish motive. They share and are there in each other's joys and sorrows. There is no feeling of separation between them. This type of home needs not a building but rather it is defined by the heart which has been made manifest through its actions.

A house, according to the poet, can also mean a shelter or refuge that we look for when we need protection or encouragement. The poet says that if you want to build a house for your soul, make it with your hands so it can be truly yours. Then fill it with your feelings and you will have created a place where your soul can find peace.

Finally, a house can also mean a group of people united by common interests or friendship. In this case, the word house refers to a community rather than an individual. So, the poet is saying that if you want to build a house for your country, help it by sharing its pain and happiness. Then it will always be there for you when you need it the most.

He concludes by saying that if you want to build a house for your love, start by building one for yourself. Only then should you think about giving your love a home.

What is the summary of a house and a home?

A House, A Home A Poem Summary The poet believes in the importance of keeping a family together. He highlighted the necessity of family members caring for one another and sharing. A home is built of bricks, stone, and hard woods, and it has windows, doors, and chimneys. It can be as big or as small as you want it to be. A house can be a shelter for people or animals, but it also can be the place where someone lives and sleeps.

In conclusion, the poet wants us to understand that a home is more than just a building, it's about feeling safe and secure in life. It's about having friends and family who care for you and will share your life adventures.

What makes a house a home?

A house tells a narrative and reflects the interests of a person or family. A house might be furnished with the finest furniture money can buy, but that does not make it a home. The sensation of "home" cannot be purchased. We have a deep relationship with the personal space in which we live. It feels like home when we visit friends or stay with relatives. It feels like home when we experience love and happiness there. But even if we move into our dream house with the perfect patio, the truth is that no matter how beautiful or functional it may be, it still cannot replace the feeling of being home.

In fact, there are several characteristics involved in making a house a home. First and most obviously, there must be a house. This means that it has to be built properly and meet certain safety requirements. After all, you don't want your home to fall down around you!

Secondly, there should be proper housing for everyone in your family. This includes rooms for sleeping, eating, and taking care of business (bathrooms, kitchens).

Thirdly, your home should be located in an acceptable area. This is particularly important if you have children. You want them to be able to go to school every day by themselves without getting mugged on their way home from school. Also consider the age of your children when choosing an area to live in.

What is the theme of the poem "Nursing Home"?

The poem's topic revolves around friendship and family. People come in all shapes and sizes, and they need to be cared for when they are sick or injured. The people in this poem have been through a lot together, and they support each other when times are tough.

In addition to friends and family, nursing homes also care for pets when their owners become too old or ill to take care of them. The pet policy at the nursing home in this poem would cover dogs and cats up to 20 pounds. Anything larger would have to be checked with the owner first.

Finally, nursing homes provide a peaceful place where residents can get some rest and relaxation. They usually have quiet areas where you can read or listen to music, and some have swimming pools or playgrounds for active lifestyles.

Overall, the theme of the poem is about supporting others when they need it most. We should always try to stay close with friends and family, and we should not hesitate to ask for help if we need it.

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