What is the theme of the poem, "Revelation"?

What is the theme of the poem, "Revelation"?

Robert Frost's poem "Revelation" is directed against individuals who lie. Frost is implying that those who lie do so in order to look better to others. When others discover that someone is lying to them, the liar usually loses a lot of respect from their peers. The revelation in this case is that everyone is lying to some extent, so we should not be surprised by this fact.

Frost uses language and imagery related to sight and seeing to describe what people do when they lie. For example, he says that they "cut up sights with their eyes". This means that when people lie, they are using information about the world available to them through their own senses (sight, sound, taste, smell) to create illusions about the truth.

He also uses the word "revelation" three times in the first four lines of the poem. A revelation is an unexpected discovery that changes how you see something or know something previously. In this case, Frost is saying that when people learn to look at all the evidence before making judgments, they will realize that everyone is lying about some thing or another.

Overall, the theme of the poem is that everyone is lying, so there is no need to feel bad about it. We should just watch what we say because nobody knows what anyone else is thinking or feeling at any given moment.

What’s the theme of the poem "Truth" by Nikki Grimes?

The idea of Mikki Grimes' poetry "Truth" is that you must continue to learn and develop from every experience. This poem's theme is to keep moving forward, regardless of whether your everyday encounters are positive or negative. Life, according to the author, is like thunder; you never know what it may bring. You can only be ready for whatever comes your way.

This poem was published in 1999. It describes the many changes that occur as we grow older. As we go through life's experiences, there are two ways to look at them: either they are good or bad. However, no matter how negative some things may seem, others will come along to help you overcome any problem you may be facing.

Looking at the whole picture, you should always keep moving forward. Even if your path isn't clear, don't give up. Something wonderful will come your way soon enough.


Nikki Grimes was born on January 4th, 1963 in San Francisco, California. She is an American poet, writer, and musician. Her work focuses on themes such as aging, death, disappointment, regret, recovery, and love.

Grimes has said that she writes about "what I see and think about." Her poems often deal with women's issues as well as social commentary.

She has been praised for her ability to write about difficult subjects in a straightforward manner.

What is the theme of the poem "Truth"?

The poem's core subject is simply the dread of the truth. The sun is used as a symbol for truth by Brooks. She personifies the harshness of the truth. The truth is marked by a "ferocious beating of his solid knuckles." The truth is unpleasant and comes with a "fierce banging" on our awareness' "door."

The poem also marks the beginning of a journey toward truth. This is evident from the opening line where it says, "A fool asks me what love is, / But a wise man listens carefully - / To understand you must go beyond the words," etc.

Love is described as a sensation that brings peace to one's heart. However, this isn't the whole story. The wise man goes further by saying that in order to understand love one has to experience its opposite i.e. hate. Only then will you realize its true nature which is beyond words.

What is the theme of the poem "The Runaway"?

The poem's principal topic is fear of the unknown, and the narrator's message is straightforward. Have trust that everything will be okay for individuals who are going through new and frightening situations. And for those who have already been through comparable circumstances, a soothing gesture might be useful.

Furthermore, the poem conveys another important lesson: do not worry about what others think of you. Only you can decide how you want to handle certain situations.

Last but not least, the poem highlights the importance of friendship. Whether it is someone new or an old friend, trust that they will help you when you need it.

What is the main theme of the poem, "The Cold Within"?

The poem's topic is the rule of greed, bigotry, and cruelty over human society. In this poetry, six individuals were stranded in the cold by chance, and each possessed a piece of wood that could have been used as fuel for the passing fire to save each other. Instead, they were exploited by the greedy until there was nothing left except their lives.

Greed is the main theme of the poem. It shows that people will do anything to get what they want even if it means harming others. This idea is demonstrated in the last line of the poem where the survivors were left with nothing but their lives.

Bigotry is also another theme in the poem. It shows that people will judge others based on their appearance, such as the way they dress or how dark they are. This idea is shown in the first stanza where the passengers on the ship were divided into two groups: those who were rich and looked nice and those who were poor and ugly. The ones who were poor and ugly were then treated badly by their fellow passengers until there was no hope for them.

Finally, cruelty is the last theme in the poem. It shows that people will go to any length to get what they want even if it means killing others.

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