What is the thesis of why I wrote The Crucible?

What is the thesis of why I wrote The Crucible?

Miller thought that the ability to state that someone or something is wrong without fear of harming oneself was crucial. People were being tried for communism from New York to Hollywood at the time it was published. He chose to write "The Crucible" to demonstrate the folly of anti-communist hysteria.

He wanted to show how easily people are persuaded to believe things they should not believe, and therefore they should be trusted only with what they can prove to themselves beyond doubt.

Finally, he wanted to warn readers about the dangers of intolerance. Although most of the characters in The Crucible are good people who want to do the right thing, there are also some bad elements in Salem. Miller thought this was important because many readers at the time were prejudiced against communists. He believed it was his duty as an author to show that everyone has dark corners inside them where evil lies dormant until it is given the opportunity to emerge.

These are just some of the reasons why Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible.

Why did I write The Crucible summary?

Miller used the term "Crucible" as a metaphor. Miller was a liberal who was accused of communism due to his left-wing ideas. He was enraged, and it reminded him of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

Was The Crucible written during the Red Scare?

Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible in reaction to accusations that he was a communist sympathizer in the 1950s. This took place during the Red Scare. Miller's literary career was not a big success at first. His most well-known pieces were created later in his career. They include Death of a Salesman and American Buffalo.

Did you know that The Crucible is based on an actual event? It is! In 1692, four women were accused of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. They were not actually convicted of the crime but they still suffered social stigma for the rest of their lives. One woman even died from being tormented by her neighbors. Miller used this incident as inspiration for his play.

What is so great about The Crucible?

1 It deals with important issues such as racism, corruption, and freedom of speech. 2 The writing style is very realistic. 3 The setting is very original. 4 The character of John Proctor is very sympathetic. 5 This is one of Miller's best plays.

What was The Crucible written in response to?

Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" was written in response to the Red Scare in the United States and Russia. Miller used "The Crucible" to show how the frenzy of the Salem witch trials paralleled the communist allegations leveled at the American government.

How did Arthur Miller become interested in writing about history?

After serving in World War II, Miller returned to college to study English literature. It was there that he first became interested in writing as a career option. One of his professors suggested that he write a novel instead. This is when Miller began writing "The Crucible".

What are some factors that may have influenced Miller's decision to write about witchcraft?

In addition to being inspired by contemporary events, it can also be said that Miller was also influenced by historical figures. He cited Thomas Paine and John Bunyan as two such influences. Both men were involved in controversies surrounding their beliefs, which spurred Miller to write about similar issues today.

Why does Miller think his play is important today?

Even though "The Crucible" was first produced in 1953, it continues to be relevant today because it speaks to people across the world about political correctness. Also, the theme of good vs evil has been widely accepted by many authors since then.

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