What is the tone in the poem "nettles"?

What is the tone in the poem "nettles"?

Scannell maintains the conversational tone by commenting on the "strange name" of the nettle bed, since the picture of the "bed" is one of warmth and comfort, which contrasts with the discomfort associated with the "nettles." He also comments on the odd pairing of nettles and strawberries.

He concludes that although the poet may not have intended it, the poem presents a cautionary tale against reaching for something beyond your grasp.

In conclusion, the tone of the poem is conversational because it is written in scannal, or stanzas of three lines with each stanza ending with an unstressed syllable.

Nettles are poisonous plants that contain irritants that can cause skin rashes if they come into contact with human skin. Although they are found all over Europe, their seeds are used in making strawberry jam because the two things combined are pleasant to eat. In fact, nettles were once thought to be a form of strawberry until scientists discovered that they contained chemicals that prevent other plants from growing near them by being similar to those produced by other plants to protect themselves.

Strawberries grow in temperate climates where there is much rain and little heat; they like a soil that is rich in organic matter and doesn't contain much nitrogen.

What is the structure of nettles?

Nettles Analysis The poem's form is intriguing—the entire tale is presented as a single line, and while it rhymes in an ABAB pattern, it is largely written in iambic pentameter. This suggests that the poem was not created by one person but probably collected from other sources over time.

In addition to the fairy tale elements discussed above, Nettle also contains references to other poems and writers. For example, it is possible that the name "Nettle" comes from the famous poem "The Lady of Shalott" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. In this poem, a young woman named Lancelot visits the castle where the lady lives, but since he cannot take her hand in marriage he instead gives her a posy of flowers. One of these is called a nectarine, which may be another reference to Tennyson's work. There are also references to King Arthur's legendary sword Excalibur—one of the plants the knight gathers for the queen appears to be a weapon hidden among the leaves.

Other than these allusions, Nettle is primarily a story about friendship and courage. It tells the tale of two children who are playing near a weir (a type of dam) when they discover a third child trapped behind the weir. Without hesitating, they pull him out and go on their way, but not before learning his name: Nettle.

What is the tone of the poem meeting at night?

The poem's atmosphere is mostly nervous and tense, reflecting the narrator's need to get to his sweetheart. The narrator's enthusiasm is matched by the quick tempo created by the succession of imagery, from "fiery ringlets" to "slushy beach."

This short poem was written by John Keats in 1819. It's one of many great poems by Keats that have become popular through recitation by poets such as Tennyson and Browning.

Here's how Keats describes the scene he sees when he looks out his window: "A girl with hair of fire, / Who met me on a path near my home," etc. This type of image, where something physical is described in detail yet seems almost magical, is common in poetry about love.

In addition to being a great poet in his own right, Keats was also interested in art. He wanted to be a painter, so he used his knowledge of human anatomy to create images of beauty and passion. His friend Charles Brown said that when he looked at Keats' paintings he felt as if "a soul had looked out through his eyes".

Keats died at only twenty-one years old, but he has had an impact on artists for more than 150 years. Today his work can be found in many museums all over the world.

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