What is the topic sentence in the second paragraph?

What is the topic sentence in the second paragraph?

The subject sentence occurs first in this second paragraph, quickly directing readers to the major emphasis (or topic) of the paragraph. Later in the paragraph, the quotation is employed as proof or support for the main sentence. Thus, it serves as a lead-in to the conclusion.

This is an important point in an essay because it gives readers a guide to what they can expect to find in the body of the essay. By ending with a summary statement, the author ensures that there is no confusion about where the essay is going or what has been said thus far. This is also known as a closing argumentative sentence.

Thus, the topic sentence is a crucial part of any essay because it leads readers into the body of the essay and helps them understand its main idea or concept. This sentence should not only express this idea clearly but also be concise so that readers are not distracted from reading the essay itself.

Which sentence is the first or the second sentence in a paragraph?

Topic sentences should be at the beginning and conclusion of each paragraph. The subject sentence is traditionally the first sentence in the paragraph. It serves to introduce the instances or information that will clarify the controlling notion in this lead position. The concluding sentence follows the pattern of topic sentence <> clarification <> evidence for this clarification.

These examples show how the first sentence of a paragraph can serve as a topic sentence:

The first sentence of each paragraph must contain enough information to identify the topic of the paragraph. If you want to write about sports cars, start with something like "Sports cars are expensive to buy." You could also say "People who love sports cars know they deserve to be driven carefully." Or maybe "They are fast cars that go very quickly." Don't forget to include some specific details to make your article interesting. Say something like "Cars like these are not really suitable for driving in Chicago because they don't have enough room for traffic jams." Avoid generalizations and vague descriptions; instead, give specific examples of what you mean.

As you can see, a topic sentence can be a powerful tool for grabbing readers' attention when writing an essay or a report. It gives a brief overview or introduction to the material that follows and can sometimes even act as a summary chapter itself. Be sure to include a topic sentence for every paragraph.

How will you recognize the topic sentence in a given paragraph?

A topic phrase also expresses the writer's view regarding the issue. The subject sentence is usually found at the beginning of the paragraph. It is frequently the opening sentence of the paragraph. The topic sentence often but not always functions as an assertion about the topic of the paragraph.

Other sentences can serve as topic sentences including introductory sentences, closing sentences, and transition sentences. A topic sentence should be clear and concise. It should state one idea and explain why it is important. It should not contain unnecessary information or ideas. It should be relevant to the topic at hand.

As you write, keep in mind that the topic sentence must express an opinion on the topic and explain how it relates to the rest of the paragraph or page. Do not try to use every sentence as a topic sentence - that would be awkward and unclear!

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