What is the treasure in the thumbprint of Eve Merriam?

What is the treasure in the thumbprint of Eve Merriam?

The treasure is the speaker's uniqueness. The speaker of this poem uses the image of a thumbprint to demonstrate how unique she is, from her little fingerprint to her whole uniqueness. This image appears several times in the poem.

Eve Merriam was an American author known for her children's books which include poems, stories, and essays. She published her first book at the age of eleven. Over the course of her career, she wrote more than twenty books, including Fingerprints: A Book about Identity. This poem is taken from that book.

In the poem, the speaker imagines what would happen if someone stole her thumb and left its print in some mud. She thinks about all the ways her identity could be stolen, such as if her name were used without her permission, or if someone got access to her personal information (such as a credit card number). In order to preserve her identity, she decides to write a poem using the words "thumb," "finger," and "print."

She starts by saying that her identity would be destroyed if someone else used her thumb to commit a crime. So, she writes a poem about a thief who steals her thumb. Then, she says that his identity will be destroyed if he tries to cash a check using her thumb.

What is the central idea of the poem, Plate of Gold?

The poem "The Plate of Gold" has a heavenly message for those who read it. The message is as follows: God's omniscient eyes are scrutinizing the actions of every human being on the planet. Only those who honestly and sincerely love their other brothers and sisters will get God's heavenly recompense. Those who act unjustly or violate others' rights will be punished by not receiving eternal life after death.

God sees all, knows all, and holds all people responsible for their actions. He wants us to live honest lives that do not cause anyone else pain. Then when we die, we will be able to go to heaven because we treated others with kindness and respect.

In conclusion, the central idea of this poem is that everyone will be held accountable for their actions on earth and that only those who have acted with love will be allowed into heaven afterwards.

What does a treasure chest symbolize?

The Symbolism of a Treasure Chest: A treasure chest is a representation of anything you wish to keep near to your heart and secure, whether it has sentimental worth or contains very valuable contents. The chest represents something Truman clung on for a long period. It also represents hope since he hoped that someday he would find what was inside.

Other meanings of this symbol are: secret, hidden wealth, family heirlooms, and valuables of any kind. The chest may also represent protection for what it holds within. Finally, the chest can also represent the soul.

In conclusion, the treasure chest symbolizes secrets, hidden wealth, family heirlooms, and valuables of any kind. It can also represent protection for what is inside or the soul.

What is the meaning of "18 treasures" in the debut?

The 18 jewels represent items that the debutante will need to achieve on her journey to womanhood. Eighteen persons will be chosen to present the debutante a gift. The presents are meant to be loved and adored by her for the remainder of her life, hence the name. The gifts range from jewelry for the neck or wrist to cars, houses, and even livestock.

In addition to the gifts, each person who attends the debut will be given an opportunity to say something meaningful to the new princess. These remarks are called "treasures." They can be words of advice, compliments, or warnings and they are all written down by the judges as they hear them. The princess has the right to accept or reject any treasure, but if she does choose to listen to one it can change her life forever!

The debut is held in late June or early July at the Palace Museum in Beijing. It was created by the government as a means of finding suitable spouses for China's royal family. Previously, the princely families would send their daughters to foreign countries with the hope of finding them husbands. This process was known as "embarking your daughter". However, with the help of modern technology, the debut has become much more organized. Now only children from the best families are selected to take part in it. In fact, only one out of every five thousand children seeks this honor out.

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