What is worse than being pathetic?

What is worse than being pathetic?

Weak, sorrowful, poor, dreadful, lamentable, deplorable, miserable, horrible, contemptible, vile, insufficient, scant, small, inconsequential, insubstantial, unsatisfying, worthless awesome anonyms.

What is the antonym for "worthless"?

It is expensive, wealthy, scarce, valuable, worthy, helpful, respectable, estimable, excellent, noble, precious, admirable, and virtuous.

What is the opposite of miserable?

Fortunately, I am content, at ease, estimable, superb, abundant, and pleasant.

What’s the opposite of awful?

Awful has the following synonyms: acceptable, appealing, pleasant, OK, excellent, good, safe, relaxing, lovely, nice, happy, kind, wonderful, charming, encouraging, consoling, delicate, beautiful, gentle, and inoffensive. These words are also called positive adjectives.

The opposite of awful is amazing. Something that is awful is very bad or harmful. Its opposite is very good or beneficial. So, amazing means very good; it's having a great effect on someone or something.

Amazingly, smoking can be healthy. Studies have shown that people who smoke less than 20 cigarettes per day have lower rates of cancer and other diseases than non-smokers. Smoking can also help protect people from developing heart disease and other problems related to aging. The more you know!

In conclusion, the opposite of awesome is amazing.

What’s another word for worthlessness?

Uselessness, impracticality, inefficiency, inadequacy, incapacity, destroyed or worthless condition, lack of use, lack of value, inapplicability, badness, and incompetence are just a few of the 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic phrases, and related terms for worthlessness on this page. The next time you need to describe that something is worthless, look it up here.

What are the antonyms for "weakest"?

Force (typically strength) or skill is lacking. Healthy, robust, potent, strong, and powerful are synonyms. Watery, dilute, fragile, frail, helpless are some synonyms. The antonym of weakest is strongest.

What is the synonym and antonym of "awful"?

Frightful, horrifying, gloomy, portentous, and terrifying Innocuous, informative, unimposing, unsurprising, ordinary, inconspicuous, unalarming, and seductive. These are some of the words used to describe things that are awful or ugly.

Awful means very bad or horrible. Things that are awful include disasters, murders, and attacks. Awfulness can also be a quality of people, like awful actors who cause fear in their audiences. Awfulness can also be the state of being awfuly sick. Finally, awfulness can also be the feeling you get when you see something terrible such as a murder or disaster on television.

Things that are not awful include beautiful flowers, cute animals, and nice-looking people.

Antonyms of awful include beautiful, cute, flower, friendly, good-looking, happy, innocent, interesting, lovely, old, popular, pretty, strong, successful, wonderful.

Antonyms of awfulness include boredom, frustration, pain, sadness, shame, stress, trouble.

Synonyms of awful include dreadful, grim, horrible, poor, sad, scary, violent. Synonyms of awfulness include boring, difficult, painful, stressful.

What is the definition of a worthless person?

Adjective A person of no worth; one who is of no use, importance, or value; one who is useless; a worthless person; a worthless deal. "a worthless man" -Webster's Dictionary

Worthless people do not contribute anything to society and are a burden on it instead. They should not be judged solely on what they earn but also by what they give back. Worthlessness is in their genes and not their parents' fault. It is up to them to change their lives around if they want to have any chance of being useful and having some sort of impact on others.

Some famous people who has been called "worthless" include Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Manson, and Aaron Hernandez. They all had great talents that could have changed the world if they had used their gifts for good instead of bad.

Being called "worthless" is usually a very bad thing but not always. If you understand why you are considered worthless then you can take steps to change this opinion.

The reason people think you are worthless is because you don't help other people. You don't give away your money or time for nothing in return.

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