What is your first impression of the speaker in this poem, seafarer?

What is your first impression of the speaker in this poem, seafarer?

Only as readers proceed through the poem do they meet a more favorable perspective of the seafarer's existence and deep religiosity. My initial impression of the seafarer is that he has been through a lot, which has left him philosophical and devoted. This impression is confirmed by his observations about life at sea and his own death.

He begins by describing himself as "a seaman of twenty-one," which means that he has already spent part of his life at sea. This fact alone makes him seem like an experienced man who has seen many things in his time. He also mentions that he comes from England, which again suggests that he is not a child but rather someone who has reached adulthood. Last, he says that he is "a Roman Catholic" which again confirms that he is not a small boy but rather an adult man.

Now, what does this sailor want? He wants to go to heaven when he dies. Since religion plays such an important role in his life, it is no surprise that he would want to be with God after he dies.

This sailor was well educated; therefore, he must have come from a family who could afford to send him away to school. Also, since he comes from England, he most likely was born there too.

What is the mood of a seafarer?

The Seafarer is an introspective poem about the narrator's effort to overcome the challenges of a life spent sailing the oceans. It is a poem that shows the hardships and loneliness of the sailor's life but also notes his ability to find peace and contentment despite these difficulties.

The mood of the seafarer is described as "sad" or "gloomy". This reflects the fact that although he has hope for the future, he does not feel happy or joyful at the moment of writing.

Here are some lines from the poem that describe the mood of the seafarer:

"Sad was his face, and gloomy was his brow;" "Heavy were his steps on deck, as he went to and fro." "None but himself could see the sadness come and go / Across that man's face."

Another way of describing the mood of the seafarer is "forlorn". This means feeling sad or lonely without any good reason for this feeling.

Loneliness can be caused by many things including but not limited to being away from home for a long time, having left friends behind, etc.

What tale does the seafarer relate?

The Seafarer's Synopsis "The Seafarer" is an Anglo-Saxon poem in which an old seafarer reflects on his life spent sailing on the open ocean. He depicts the difficulties of marine life, the beauty of nature, and the grandeur of God. The speaker discusses the often monotonous and lonely life of a sailor. He also laments lost love.

This ancient poem has had a profound influence on many artists and poets. It has been said that every sea voyage brings new inspiration to life, so it isn't surprising that people have found inspiration in this poem from time to time. For example, William Wordsworth was greatly affected by the Seafarer and used parts of it in his own poems. J.M. Barrie also based Peter Pan on the character of the Seafarer.

The poem itself was probably written around 700 AD. It was originally sung (not read), by bards as they traveled through England telling stories to entertain their audiences. This version was written down around 1200-1500 AD and included more than one hundred lines. However, for our purposes only sixteen lines are relevant: these are listed below with any direct references to the seafarer or his ship marked with bold text.

The Seafarer - A Poem in Three Books

Book I - The First Book

Line 1: The night was dark and moonless up above the world

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