What kind of books does Amber Frey write?

What kind of books does Amber Frey write?

If you are interested in writing and aspire to be a published author, you are definitely familiar with Amber Frey, a well-known American author. She has written many novels, including 20/20 (1978), Amber Frey: Witness for the Prosecution (2005), and The Murder of Laci Peterson (2008). (2017). Her books have been translated into several languages and have sold millions of copies worldwide.

Frey was born on January 4th, 1955 in Chicago, Illinois. She is the daughter of Donald Lee Frey, an insurance executive, and Marie Elizabeth Miller, who worked as a secretary. She has one brother, David, three years her senior.

Amber Frey started writing at a very young age. When she was 12 years old, her mother bought her a typewriter for Christmas and told her that if she wanted to become a writer, she would have to practice on it daily. So, every day after school, she would type for hours until her fingers hurt. Later on, she said that this was when she first realized how difficult it was to write a novel.

When she was 15 years old, her family moved to Park Forest, a suburb of Chicago. It was here that she began to write poetry and short stories. One of her poems was even published in a local newspaper.

Frey went to high school at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. There, she met another future author named J. D.

What kind of books does Helene Hanff write?

Helene Hanff, as a writer, is no Jane Austen or George Eliot. She is at her finest when writing about her personal experiences, which she describes as "I was there" novels. And her six volumes constitute a nearly continuous autobiography. It begins with Youth in the Ghetto, which covers Hanff's childhood in Galicia before and during World War I; it continues with Love in a Cold Climate (1944), about her life in prewar Paris; and ends with The Blessing of Laughter (1972), about her years as a successful author in New York.

Hanff wrote two other books that are not strictly speaking autobiographical but which deal with periods in her life: The House on Fortune Street concerns itself with the Russian Revolution of 1917 and its aftermath; while The Lost Childhood deals with her early years in America.

She also published several collections of short stories, one book of poems, and one novel. All of them show the influence of Chekhov and his school. But whereas many people think that only writers can be realists, Hanff was also a realist novelist.

She preferred to call herself a "documentarist." This doesn't mean that she reports facts without interpretation, but rather that she presents her characters' views on events and allows readers to make their own judgments about what has happened.

Did Beverly Cleary write any books for adults?

She has been a member of a variety of literary organizations during her writing career, including the Library Service for Children Association, the Congress Living Legend Library, and others. Beverly has published over 30 novels for children and young people in her literary career. She has also written several books for adults. Her novel Ramona Quimby, Age 8 was made into a movie by Disney.

Bev's official website contains information on events and appearances featuring her work and personal photographs. There is also a section with essays on her life and career.

Beverly Cleary - biography data, history of writings, reading guide, links. Bevy's official site features information on events and appearances featuring her work and personal photographs.

What is Virginia Woolf best known for?

Virginia Woolf (1882–1941) is regarded as one of the twentieth century's most inventive writers. She was a prolific writer of essays, diaries, letters, and biographies, and is perhaps best known as the author of Mrs. Dalloway (1925) and To the Lighthouse (1927).

Woolf was born in London to well-to-do parents who owned a small hotel near Hyde Park. Her father was rector of a church in Sussex until he died when Virginia was eight years old. Her mother married his assistant two years later. Woolf had an elder sister, Angelica, and a younger brother, Leonard. She attended a fashionable school where she met many of the leading thinkers of her time, including George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, and Thomas Hardy.

Woolf started writing poems at age thirteen and published her first book of poems three years later. She continued to write prolifically throughout her life, producing over twenty books including novels, poetry collections, essays, and biography. Woolf was a prominent member of the Bloomsbury Group, a famous literary community that included other important writers such as E. M. Forster, Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, and Lytton Strachey.

Woolf was diagnosed with tuberculosis at the age of twenty-one and spent most of the next five years recovering from these illnesses and undergoing treatment.

What kind of books does Anne Schraff write?

She has since sold hundreds of tales and over eighty books, including historical fiction, biographies, scientific books, and her favorite, fictitious novels for children. Anne Schraff may be reached at the following address: Anne Schraff is a full-time writer who has written five volumes in the Bluford Series. They are BLUE HORSES (1992), RED WINGS (1993), GREY OWLS (1994), BLACK EAGLES (1995), and SILVER PELICANS (1996).

Here is an excerpt from a Blue Horses story: "Blanche's blue eyes flashed as she declared she would never marry. 'I'm not going to give anyone a reason to divorce me!' she cried. 'I'd rather walk across this country alone than marry.' Her father nodded. 'That's my girl! So be it! I can't make you do anything you don't want to do.'"

In addition to writing novels, Anne Schraff also writes short stories that have been published in various magazines including The New Yorker, Ladies' Home Journal, and Woman's Day.

She lives with her husband in Upstate New York where they own and operate a small horse farm. They have two grown sons who are both married with children of their own. The Schraffs spend their free time traveling, visiting museums, and enjoying other activities with their friends.

What kind of books does Margaret Peterson Haddix write?

Margaret Peterson Haddix is a gifted author. Margaret was the recipient of an international children's book prize. Many of her works have also been selected Best Books for Young Adults by the American Library Association. She was also chosen a Quick Pick for reluctant young adult readers. Her novels are known for being witty and entertaining, with each book focusing on a different character.

Margaret Peterson Haddix has written more than 20 novels for young adults over the past two decades. All of her novels feature a group of teenagers who find themselves caught up in a mystery or crime scene. You'll meet many new characters as you follow their stories across several locations including California, Massachusetts, and New York City.

Hannah and her sister Delilah live with their divorced mother, Margot, in Newton, Massachusetts. When their father dies in a mysterious accident, his former partner, Oliver Shaw, becomes interested in the family business--which sells cookies online under the name "Haddix & Sons." He believes that if he can unlock the secret formula for making the firm successful then he will be able to win back Margot's love. Hannah doesn't mind so much that Shaw is competing with them for their mother's attention since she thinks he's hot. However, when some people begin to get killed after doing business with Haddix & Sons, Margot decides it's time to move away from Newton and start over elsewhere.

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