What kind of poetry did Sir John Salusbury write?

What kind of poetry did Sir John Salusbury write?

Sir John was a poet; he authored a number of sonnets and love songs in English, in the fashion of the day, that have little literary worth but provide light on the works of Shakespeare and other contemporaneous poets (see Carleton Brown, Poems by Sir John Salusbury and Robert Chester).

His work shows the influence of both Sidney and Wyatt. He was born in 1561 probably near Shrewsbury and died in 1617 at the age of about 55. His poems were published in 1648.

Salusbury was educated at Cambridge University and became a member of Parliament for Denbigh Boroughs in 1597. He served as ambassador to Spain from 1604 to 1607 and to France from 1607 to 1609. After his return from abroad, he settled in London where he lived a busy life as an author and politician. He is best known for his poems which show him to be a talented writer with a keen interest in politics.

What is John Milton's contribution to English?

John Milton was a seventeenth-century English poet whose writings affected the literary world significantly. Milton is well known for his epic poetry, which he authored from 1632 and 1674. The first collection of his poems was published in 1645, and it was followed by another one ten years later.

Milton's poetry is considered important to English literature because it helped to transform dramatic poetry into something more ambitious. Before Milton wrote about nine out of every ten poets were men, but after him almost all of the major poets were women or people of color. This shows that Milton was willing to challenge the traditional ideas about what types of poetry were worthy of attention.

In addition to being a significant influence on subsequent poets, Milton is also regarded as an important political writer. His Areopagitica (1644) was particularly influential in arguing for freedom of speech. It started a debate that continued throughout Europe and America about the role of censorship in a free society.

Milton was born in London on September 15, 1608, the second son of Thomas Milton and Mary Powell. His father was a wealthy cloth merchant who had been elected to Parliament in 1601 but was forced to resign due to debts. He died when John Milton was only eight years old.

Why did William Shakespeare begin writing sonnets and poetry?

Shakespeare produced sonnets because they were a popular poetry form at the time. Shakespeare is well known as the world's greatest playwright, although his plays would have given him less reputation when he was living than his sonnets. Shakespeare cared about his sonnets in a manner that he did not for his plays. One reason probably being that they could provide him with an easy income since they were often sold by publishers to the highest bidder.

He began publishing sonnets in 1593 when he was twenty-six years old. They are called "Sonnets from the Young Man" because they were originally written for someone who is now known as "the young man". However, there are some theories that this person was actually his friend Christopher Marlowe or even King Henry VIII.

The fact that these poems were written for money only supports the theory that Shakespeare was not yet famous when he started publishing them. This shows that he was willing to write in a popular genre to establish himself as a writer.

Besides being a poet, Shakespeare was also an actor who performed in London during this time period. It has been suggested that he wrote poetic dramas so that they would not be banned by public theaters at the time. Thus, he would not lose business if people knew he was writing drama.

However, this theory is only speculation and there is no evidence supporting it.

What kind of poetry did William Shakespeare write?

Histories tell the stories of monarchs and other historical individuals. Shakespeare also composed poetry and released a volume of 154 sonnets in 1609. We know his work was successful at the time because he was able to reside in a fashionable part of London, where he penned some of his most renowned plays.

Shakespeare's history poems cover a variety of subjects from classical mythology to contemporary events. The narrative style is often referred to as "early modern English" because it uses grammatical structures and words that were common in England during this time period.

Sonnets are short poems that usually focus on one central idea. They typically use iambic pentameter—five-beat lines consisting of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable, with both stresses falling on each beat—and discuss love or some other theme. Sonnets were popular in Europe and many famous poets wrote them. They are often sentimental and serve to express the poet's feelings toward someone special.

Shakespeare published his collected works in 1623. Although they were not very profitable at the time, his work has since become widely accepted as some of the best English language poetry.

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