What literary devices are used in Mother to Son?

What literary devices are used in Mother to Son?

Poets employ a variety of literary strategies to deliver a message to their readers. Langston Hughes' poem "Mother to Son" use imagery, metaphorical language, and sound methods to describe the speaker's feelings. The speaker's life is a metaphor for the crystal staircase. He describes how he has climbed it with hope and faith, but now must begin the difficult task of scaling it again with his son by his side.

Langston Hughes was one of the first African American poets recognized for his work. His poems focused on social issues such as racism and poverty. This poem was written shortly after the death of his son from tuberculosis. It uses poetic devices such as metaphor and simile to make important points about family relationships.

Sound plays an important role in this poem. The speaker compares his son to a moonbeam and a bird that flies away at dawn. These images are used to show the transience of life. Sound also helps shape the meaning of this poem. For example, the word moonbeam is made up of two words: moon and beam. When combined, they mean full moon or silver light.

Literary devices are simply techniques used in writing to make ideas clear and interesting. This poem uses many different devices including allusion, analogy, and paradox. An allusion is when one phrase or sentence refers to another to create a new thought.

How does Langston Hughes convey the message from mother to son?

Langston Hughes' poem "Mother to Son" employs the metaphor of a staircase to symbolize the hardships and perils that one will confront in life. The poem is a mother's warning to her son about the steps he must climb during his life. He must keep an eye out for splinters, damaged boards, and tacks. This is important because each step represents a new challenge that he must overcome to reach the top of the staircase.

Hughes uses wordplay to highlight the dangers on the staircase. For example, he calls the first step "the first rung on the ladder," which means that it is not very high or difficult to reach. However, he also says that it is "a start just the same." This means that even though the first step is easy to reach, it is still necessary to begin climbing the staircase by taking the first rung available.

The second step on the staircase is called the "second story window." It is important to be aware of your surroundings when climbing the staircase, especially while walking up any stairs for the first time. You should look outside your house at all times, even if you think you can see everything under control inside your home. This way, you will be able to notice people or animals that might need help.

How is symbolism used in mother-to-son?

Hughes employs a variety of symbols in "Mother to Son." The poem's key meaning comes when Mother compares her life to a stairway. "Life ain't been no crystal staircase for me," she adds. This suggests that life has not been simple for her, and that her path through life has been like to mounting a stairway. As she continues, she says: "Tread lightly, for you tread on many toes." This means that even though her son's path was easy, it still caused problems for others.

Also, Hughes uses foreshadowing to reveal the key message of the poem. She first mentions killing his father, then later her husband. However, these events are only hints at what will happen later in the poem. Finally, irony is also used in the poem since the son describes his mother as beautiful while she is dying of cancer.

In conclusion, Hughes uses symbolism to express the difficult path that his mother took to reach success. Her appearance is also described as beautiful while she is dying of cancer. Thus, the poem reveals that success in life isn't always simple, and other people's paths may not be crystal clear.

What is a good thesis statement for Mother to Son?

Langston Hughes expresses the topic of mother and son in a variety of ways. Body Where and how does this motif appear in the work for the first time? (In your first subject sentence, respond to the above question.) The mother compares her life like a stairway in the poem "Mother to Son." She says that she has climbed many steps in her life and that now she is at the bottom of another step. Does this comparison between climbing stairs and living one's life seem fair to you? Why or why not?

Langston Hughes also uses metaphor to explain that being a mother is not easy. He says that having a son is like being tied to a stake with a train running over it repeatedly. Even though this analogy may be difficult to understand, it makes the point that being a mother is dangerous and very stressful.

Last but not least, Langston Hughes explains that being a mother is rewarding. No matter what kind of mother you are, if you have a son, he will love and respect you forever.

What are the struggles the mother has seen in life in the poem, Mother to Son?

Mother to Son is a monologue that uses simple images to communicate the sense of optimism. Langston Hughes' poem informs us that life is not a bed of roses; it has many tacks and splinters in the path of achievement, and it might be tough to cope with them at times, therefore we should never give up. The poem also tells us that even though success does not come easily, one must keep trying because failure is inevitable.

The speaker tells us that he is his mother's son which means that he has known hardship and struggle since he was a child. We are also told that he is black which means that he has been treated differently from white people throughout his life. Despite this, the poet maintains that he will succeed in life just like his mother has done before him.

His mother's struggle to get out of poverty has taught him that without money you cannot go anywhere so he will have to work hard to achieve his goals. However, despite all the difficulties she has had to face, her spirit remains strong and optimistic every day until finally she succeeds in getting out of poverty.

Through these experiences, the poet has learned that life isn't always fair but as long as you do your best under difficult circumstances, you will succeed in achieving your dreams.

What is the extended metaphor in mother-to-son?

Hughes utilizes a metaphor to illustrate the mother's existence in "Mother to Son." It is an extended metaphor that connects the mother's life to a stairway in this example. Each step represents a period in her life that she had to endure. To understand this metaphor, one has to know that Hughes was a poet who used metaphors frequently.

At the beginning of the poem, we are told that the son was like many other young men of his time who left home to find his own way in the world. However, unlike most others, he decided to stop by his mother's house on his way out of town to say goodbye. During this visit, they discuss the fact that he will be going away to fight in World War I. His mother worries about him but believes that he is ready to face the world with a clear mind and strong body. She also tells him not to worry about money because she will take care of everything.

After saying goodbye, the son goes off to war. We are then told that after the war, the son came back home but his mother had already died. He walks up the stairs to their old apartment building and finds that it is now owned by someone else. Since his mother never married or had any children, the son decides to go downstairs and tell the manager that there must be some mistake because he is the only one who knows about the apartment.

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