What does the phrase "Love After Love" mean?

What does the phrase "Love After Love" mean?

Love After Love is an unique love poetry that focuses on loving oneself, the inner self, after a relationship has ended. Its central premise is that of regaining one's wholeness via self-recognition, a type of healing that occurs through self-conscious invitation. The book was written by American poet and artist Louis Zukofsky who lived from 1886 to 1976.

Zukofsky was born into a wealthy Jewish family in New York City. He studied art at Harvard University but gave it up to travel Europe as an illustrator. In 1919 he married Barbara Higgins, with whom he had three children. Their marriage was unhappy and ended in divorce in 1936. Zukofsky then married his secretary, Emory Allen, who survived him.

Louis Zukofsky was one of the most important poets of the 20th century. His work explored various forms of language including collage, tape recordings, and film. He also painted pictures that often serve as the models for his poems.

Love After Love was published in 1959. It was widely praised by critics who called it a masterpiece.

The book consists of 14 sequences or pairs of poems which deal with different aspects of love.

What is the meaning of love and being loved?

To love is to see the divine in another person, and with that realization comes devotion, compassion, and caring. Being loved in this way is like coming home, discovering your genuine self, and realizing you are not alone. Love draws us deeper into ourselves while also taking us beyond ourselves. It is both humble and grand.

Love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. It is why trees grow toward the sun or the moon, animals meet at specific times and places, and humans connect with each other. Love is what makes the world go 'round. Without it, there would be no life as we know it.

Being loved is knowing that someone out there loves you for exactly who you are even if who you are isn't always easy or pleasant to be around. Knowing this love exists inside you, outside you, everywhere you go - it's a feeling that cannot be explained but must be experienced to believe.

What does "we loved with a love that was more than love" mean?

But we loved with a love that went beyond love. It's a study of obsessive love, doomed love, that keeps the mind occupied for a while as we try to figure it out for ourselves. It is a romantic idea to hold on to your love after the death, actual or metaphorical, of the one you love.

Love is not just a feeling but a decision that you make about another person. Love is not just chemistry or biology, it is an act of will. Love is not just happiness, it is also pain. Love is not just pleasure, it is also work. Love is not just attraction, it is also responsibility. Love is not just inspiration, it is also wear and tear on the body. Love is not just unity, it is also division. Love is not just complementarity, it is also asymmetry. Love is not just resemblance, it is also difference. Love is not just community, it is also isolation. Love is not just equality, it is also inequality. Love is not just communication, it is also silence. Love is not just memory, it is also hope.

It's a beautiful phrase that captures well how much our love for her exceeded the normal bounds of friendship. Here are other ways this phrase has been translated: "our love was deeper than words," "our love was greater than love," and my favorite "our love was nothing short of divine."

What does "life after love" mean?

It's an acknowledgement of the fact that life changes after you have loved. There is a Before—Then there is an After of Love. If you're lucky (or not so lucky), you'll experience this more than once in your life. Or so the story goes for love. Have fun with it.

The meaning of life after love is about living in the moment and enjoying each day as it comes. There are two ways to look at life: either it is one long continuous chain of moments or it is made up of separate dates where you do one thing on each date. If you look at it the first way, you are always alive; if you look at it the second way, you are sometimes alive and sometimes dead. Either way, life after love means living in the now and making the most of each day.

After love, you need to move on with your life. You can't stay in love forever—that isn't real love! Real love grows over time as both people grow together and learn from their mistakes. It doesn't end when someone falls out of love with you. That's when hate comes in...

Hate separates people, while love brings them together. After love, you need to let go of the past and focus on the future. Stop waiting for someone to call you back, stop waiting for someone to love you again, and start building a life for yourself now!

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