What magazine was created by John H. Johnson in what year?

What magazine was created by John H. Johnson in what year?

He came up with the concept for a black journal, which he began publishing in 1942. Its initial issue sold around 3,000 copies, and within a year, the monthly circulation had increased to 50,000. From there, Johnson started Ebony, a general-interest magazine aimed towards African Americans, in 1945. The first issue of Ebony appeared in November of that year with a total paid circulation of 1 million copies per month, making it the most widely read black magazine in America.

In 1970, Johnson merged his two magazines into one called Black World. He continued to publish this combined magazine until his death in 1975.

The Black World Magazine Hall of Fame was established in 1976 to honor individuals who have contributed greatly to the black community through their work with organizations like Johnson's or through other means. So far, six people have been inducted into this hall of fame.

The first African American editor of a major national magazine was John H. Johnson. He invented the idea of a black-oriented magazine while working at the prestigious white publication Opportunity. In an effort to attract more readers of color, Johnson proposed a black-only magazine in 1942. With no black magazine publishers at the time, he decided to go ahead with his plan himself.

Ebony's first issue came out just a few months after Johnson started the magazine.

What was the first African American magazine?

Ebony & Ebony is a monthly magazine aimed towards African American middle-class readers. It was the first black-oriented publication in the United States to achieve national distribution. John H. Ebony started Ebony in 1945. The name was chosen as an acronym for "an edifice built by slaves," and the publisher wanted a word that could be easily pronounced by black Americans.

Ebony's goal was to provide information about culture, arts, politics, and society from a black perspective. The magazine covered music, movies, books, fashion, food, sports, science, technology, and history with an emphasis on issues relating to blacks in America. It also included advertisements from black-owned businesses.

Ebony is one of the longest running magazines in the world. It has been called "the grandfather of black magazines" because it helped to define what a black magazine should be like. The first issue came out in January 1946 and it ran until 1956 when it was replaced by Jet.

Both magazines were owned by the Black Star Publishing Company, which was founded by John H. Ebony. In 1997, Simon & Schuster purchased Black Star for $70 million in cash and stock.

After the death of John H. Ebony in 1969, his son James E. Ebony took over the company while still in college.

Who is the founder of the Johnson Publishing Company?

Biography of John H. Johnson John H. Johnson, founder of the Johnson publishing business, was the first African-American to appear on the Forbes 400 list. Learn about his childhood, family life, and accomplishments by reading this biography.

(June 2019). (Find out when and how to delete this template message.) John Johnson (born June 20, 1938) is an American documentary filmmaker and television news anchorman/senior reporter. For many years, he has been a regular on New York City television news.

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