What makes a woman attracted to a man?

What makes a woman attracted to a man?

The length of your response must be between 3 and 5000 characters. Women are drawn to males who show that they regard themselves. Being too polite can often imply being a doormat: you sacrifice your own needs in order to meet the wants of others, or you abstain from expressing yourself honestly for fear of hurting others. Being too aggressive may cause women to back away from you. A man should try to find a balance between being assertive and respectful.

In addition to these traits, women like men with strong personalities. This doesn't mean that you have to be a hardass all the time, but it does mean that you should don't allow other people to dictate how you feel. Feel free to express yourself through art, music, sports, etc. However, you don't want to be too extreme in any one area. For example, if you're a soccer player, you shouldn't be a shoo-in at any tournament you enter. The most important thing is that you come across as honest and trustworthy.

Also important is that you appear healthy. Women tend to avoid dating or marrying men who have issues with alcohol or drugs. If you have problems controlling your anger, then women will avoid you like the plague. But if you possess skills such as leadership or fighting ability, then you'll be able to attract females even without applying makeup or dressing fashionably.

What makes a woman attracted to a bad boy?

Women desire a good-looking bad male who emanates sexual power and a compassionate-looking kind guy. Women have basically decided not to make up their minds. The temptation of terrible lads, oh, the allure of bad boys. According to a research conducted by the University of British Columbia, women are less sexually attracted to joyful males than to gloomy ones. Apparently, women find sad men more attractive than happy ones.

The study also revealed that women prefer confident over shy males, aggressive instead of passive, tall instead of short. Women like healthy-looking men, with no apparent diseases or injuries. Appearance is important; however, it's what's inside that counts. Women want men who can take care of themselves and won't need them to save them from danger. A man who knows how to love and be loved is very attractive to her.

Bad boys usually have something dark inside them that draws women in. Some say it's their strength of will, others that they're talented at making women feel special. But whatever it is, women find these types of men attractive because they know they can get away with anything.

The bad boy image has been popular in movies for many years now. From James Bond to Matt Damon, hot male actors have been playing the part over and over again. This role has made such an impression on people that even little girls want to grow up to be strippers or models.

Women enjoy seeing men struggle with pain.

What makes a woman crave a man?

Women are drawn to strong-willed guys (AKA people in general are attracted to strong-minded people). Standing up for what is right, protecting what you care about, and doing the right thing are all behaviors that demonstrate mental strength and agility. These are just some of the many traits that make someone attractive to women.

The more you give a woman, the more she will crave for more from you. If you want a woman to love you, show her you care by giving her your time, attention, and most importantly, yourself. She will feel cherished and loved when you give her your full heart.

Also, be ready for her to play hard to get because she wants to see how far you will go before taking you at your word. She likes to have an edge over you so don't take her love lightly.

Finally, listen to what she says because she only wants the best for you. Women appreciate when you pay attention to them and they will always try to convey their feelings to you through their actions and words.

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