What makes the poet tremble?

What makes the poet tremble?

The poet trembles at the prospect of the earth's immensity and man's smallness. The poet trembles to be put in communication with such mysteries as the soul of a flower, or the workings of fate. The poet trembles to feel the faintest breath on his face, the soft wind playing with his hair. These are some of the things that make the poet tremble.

What would make the poet happy?

Nature's beauty would make the poet happy. A quiet place where he could work undisturbed would make him happy.

People who love each other would make the poet happy. Friends who care about him would make him happy.

Pleasure of the mind would make the poet happy. Knowledge that others are enjoying his works would make him happy.

In short, everything makes the poet happy except money. Money doesn't make anyone happy, it just allows people to do things they couldn't otherwise afford to do.

The poet was a miserable person. Everything made him unhappy except money. He wanted everyone else to live in poverty as well so they could share in his misery.

Money can't make you happy, but lack of it can. The poet wasn't poor, he was rich compared to most people around him. His parents were wealthy land owners and they taught him that money is good because it gives you freedom to do what you want. If you have no money, you're stuck with what you've got- there's no way to get more.

Which strangeness is the poet talking about?

The poet is referring to the'sadness' that we create by our own thinking and behaviour. We comprehend a lot of things, but not ourselves or our actions. His haste and haste create us problems. He is determined to start battles against mankind. Therefore, he wants to know how much damage we can do with our thoughts.

Our world is filled with violence, which seems impossible for a peaceful human being like the poet to accept. So he decides to prove all humans are bad by thinking of something that would cause harm to others.

But what he doesn't know is that his mind is still controlled by good intentions, even though he has given up on people. No matter what evil thoughts he tries to think, he cannot bring himself to believe that everyone around him is corrupt and cruel.

At the end of the poem, he realizes that even though people do terrible things, there is still goodness in them. This makes him feel ashamed of having thought so little of other people.

Nowadays, this poem sounds very familiar because it describes many terrorist attacks that have taken place over the years. Before carrying out their violent plans, terrorists ask themselves if what they intend to do is right. If the answer is no, they change their minds because they don't want to cause harm to others.

What does the poet want to spread?

Yes, the poet wishes to foster fraternity throughout the world. He stated that in this world, every human being is the same. Every human being has two eyes, two hands, and so on. Therefore, we can understand each other's pain, joy, and feelings generally. The poet wants us to know that we are not separated from one another by any difference of race, religion, or language. We all come from one family—the family of humanity.

There are many people in the world who suffer because they do not know this truth. They think that they are different from others and cannot be understood. This belief creates a barrier between them and other people. The only way to remove this barrier is by learning about other people's lives and feeling what they feel. Only then will they realize that they are not separate from anyone else and that there is no need to fear or hate others.

The poet also wants us to know that we are all children of God. Everyone is equal in God's sight. There is no such thing as ‘humanity’ or ‘un-humanity’. We are all children of God. He has sent His son Jesus Christ to save us but some people refuse to accept this gift because of their own limitations.

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