What message does the poem on killing a tree give?

What message does the poem on killing a tree give?

The poem communicates the concept that trees, like all other forms of life, are living creatures. They have tremendous survival instincts and are capable of surviving any form of assault, trauma, or catastrophe. It is difficult to kill them since they have a never-say-die attitude toward life. No tree wants to die; however, if given enough time and exposure to extreme conditions, all trees will die.

Trees are important components of Earth's ecosystem. They provide food for many animals including humans, create habitat for other organisms, and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Therefore, it is important to protect trees from being killed by people when they use them for their wood or leave them unchecked when they grow in areas where they may be damaged or destroyed.

In conclusion, killing a tree is an act of violence against nature. Not only does it cause the death of something beautiful but also causes damage to our environment through loss of forest cover and absorption of carbon dioxide. However, trees are resistant to human efforts to destroy them so there is no guarantee that if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around that it won't result in harm to someone.

As long as there are people on Earth who need to use resources such as wood, it makes sense to protect trees. We should take care not to cut down too many trees though because that would be harmful to our environment.

What is the irony in the poem about killing a tree?

Through this poem, the author humorously sends a significant message to the audience about the need of tree conservation. He cynically communicates the notion that trees should not be taken down. He claims that trees, like humans and other forms of life, are living entities. Thus, their death should be treated with respect.

Moreover, he believes that since trees have feelings, then they should not be hurt or killed unnecessarily. Finally, he states that if trees were aware of what happened to them, they would hate people for doing this.

As far as I know, there is no ironical meaning in this poem. The writer simply wants to send out a message about tree preservation by making some jokes. I think the last line is particularly funny because it compares killing a tree to killing someone human. In my opinion, it makes the message more believable.

What is the message of the poem "The Tree"?

This poem is a plea for the preservation of nature. The poet's message is that trees should not be felled arbitrarily. Trees are extremely important to us. They provide us with food, shelter, and many other things we need or want. Felling trees is a big mistake because it will have negative effects on the environment and on humans too.

Trees play an important role in keeping our planet healthy. They take out all kinds of harmful chemicals from the air we breathe and the water we drink. They also give off oxygen, protect soil, and store carbon dioxide which is one of the main causes of climate change. Humans need trees to survive. We would die without them.

In conclusion, the poem "The Tree" shows that trees should be preserved because they help people and the environment. Without trees, our lives would be very difficult to live. Therefore, we must do our best to save them.

What is the main theme of the poem about killing a tree?

"On Killing a Tree" is a stinging indictment of human callousness and cruelty in the destruction of trees for agriculture, urbanization, and industrialisation. The poem appears to be a "How-To" handbook for murdering a tree, but it is actually an impassioned plea not to cut down trees. The speaker begs listeners to think carefully before destroying a tree, and offers them some helpful tips on how to carry out the act with minimal harm to wildlife and people.

The poem was written by Canadian poet Archibald MacLeish (1871–1957). It was published for the first time in 1917, in his collection Journals of Archibald McLeish. He invented the form of poetry called "essays" for this book, which are longer works that deal with various subjects. This poem was inspired by a newspaper article that discussed the damage done to Toronto's parks when they were being developed for housing and industry.

Archibald MacLeish was born in Glasgow, Scotland, the only child of a wealthy family who owned a large estate business. When he was just eleven years old, his father died, leaving him responsible for running the company. To make matters worse, its sales fell dramatically after his father died, causing the family business to fail. Filled with grief over the loss of his parents, MacLeish decided to move to Canada and look for work.

Why does the poet think of a tree as a poem?

If trees are to be viewed as a metaphor for humans, then the poem will define humanity' struggles to break away from the confines of the desire to attain everything. These conflicts are expressed through many different characters who all seek to achieve their own goals by whatever means necessary.

Trees have been associated with poetry since at least the time of Virgil when they were called "the poets' meditative friends." The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that if you cut down a tree, especially an oak, and burned it, you would receive the inspiration to write poetry. This practice still exists in certain parts of Europe where burning wood is still used today to get ideas for songs or stories.

Trees have also been associated with poetry because they provide many useful things for humans. Wood is needed to build houses and cars, and paper comes from trees too. In addition, some fruits serve as nutrition for humans while others give off a smell that attracts insects which in turn help plants reproduce themselves. Last but not least, trees can be used to decorate our homes or workplaces which shows that they have the ability to inspire creativity.

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