What message does the poet convey through the poem, The Snake Try?

What message does the poet convey through the poem, The Snake Try?

The poem is about a green snake seeking to hide among the green foliage. The poet's theme in this poem is that it is humans who are hazardous to snakes, not snakes themselves, because snakes only attack when they perceive danger from the person. Thus, even though snakes can cause harm to people, people should not be afraid of them.

Also, the poet wants people to know that although snakes may appear dangerous, they are actually very gentle animals who only want to live their lives in peace.

Finally, the poet implies that even though snakes may look scary, they are actually quite beautiful creatures that we should not fear.

Overall, this poem means that humans should not be afraid of snakes because they cannot cause us any harm even if they try. Snakes are only trying to live their lives in peace like everyone else and so they do not want anyone to worry about them or scare them away from their homes.

What was the snake trying to do?

In this poetry, an innocent green snake struggles to avoid being attacked by a person chasing it with a stick in order to kill it. According to the poet, the snake is harmless even to youngsters. People are afraid of snakes and will try to kill them with a stick if they spot one. This fear of snakes is also reflected in many myths and stories around the world.

People used to think that if you saw a snake on the road, it meant bad luck for your journey. Now we know that most snakes are harmless, but people will still try to kill them because of their fear of them. This story is about a young green snake who does not want to be killed by a person. Instead, it tries to defend itself by hissing at the person who is attacking it.

In conclusion, this story tells us that people should not fear snakes. They may look dangerous, but most of them are only trying to protect themselves from being hurt too.

What is the moral of the story of the snake trying to?

The poem offers the lesson in very simple and straightforward language that all species of nature must be treated with kindness and sympathy. Even snakes should not be harmed since they do not bite until they are threatened. By this, the poet is saying that we should not take actions that will cause harm to others even if they scare us.

What is the theme of the poem, "The Snake Trying Class 9?"?

Theme of the Snake Trial The poem The Snake Trying is about man's interaction with nature. The narrator suggests two ways we might relate to the natural world. The first is to admire the snake's beauty and elegance. Even youngsters are safe from the little green snake. They won't meet with an accident because of it. The second option is to fear the snake. It can kill you if you get in its way.

This poem is written by Bankim Chatterjee. He was born on April 5th, 1838 in Calcutta, India. He was a famous Indian poet and author. Some of his well-known poems are The Snake Trial and The Tortoise. His original name was Shibu Niyogi but he changed it when he started writing poetry. He died on August 4th, 1865 in Calcutta.

Bankim Chatterjee wrote several other books apart from these two. His most famous works are The Brudderhood of Buddha and The Life of Mahavir. He also edited some magazines for many years. In addition, he was interested in politics and acted as an advisor to several ministers. However, due to political reasons, he had to leave India and live in England for several years. There he wrote some more poems based on experiences there.

Now back to our story...

How does the poet admire snakes?

The snake's body forms are described as "beautiful and elegant" by the poet. He describes the snake's size and color using the terms "tiny" and "green." All of these terms imply adoration. Snakes were often worshipped in ancient Greece because they could be used to predict future events or to protect farmers' crops.

Snakes also have a bad reputation due to myths and stories that have been told over time. For example, people believe that if you keep a snake as a pet, it will always find ways to kill you. However, this is not true; if handled with care, most snakes won't try to harm humans.

In conclusion, the poet admires snakes because they are beautiful and graceful, they can be used for protection or prophecy, and they aren't trying to kill him.

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