What message does the poet give to the reader through the poem Fire and Ice?

What message does the poet give to the reader through the poem Fire and Ice?

The poet's intention with "Fire and Ice" is to suggest that the world will end either by fire or by ice. Here, fire represents desire and greed, while ice represents hostility and rigidity. The more we feed our greed, the more it grows. Similarly, hatred is progressively destroying mankind. Thus, the only way to stop this destruction is by eliminating these two emotions from earth.

The poem is a dramatic monologue. It tells how an individual comes to realize the danger that faces mankind and what must be done to save humanity. At first, this person is full of hope that he can resolve the problem but soon realizes that this is not going to be easy. Even if we want to try, we cannot escape the conclusion that humanity will have to die to survive.

This realization causes him pain and anguish but also gives him strength. Now he knows what needs to be done and he is determined to carry it out. He decides to start by trying to reduce the level of violence in human society because even though hatred may be spreading, there are still some good people left who want to live in peace.

Thus, his mission is to encourage these good people to go beyond their fear and come together to fight against the evil that surrounds them. They need both courage and compassion to succeed but most of all, they need faith in humanity- otherwise, there would be no point in continuing the struggle.

How do fire and ice destroy the world?

Robert Frost wrote the short poem 'Fire And Ice.' The poet makes two predictions on how the world will end in this poem. He gives two opposing perspectives on the end of mankind and the earth. So, the fire of bad wants and the ice of wicked hatred are two opposing viewpoints powerful enough to destroy the planet. /span>

The poem begins with the line: "Two roads diverged...'. This means that there were two ways that Earth could have ended up destroyed. One was through fire, like lava or flames; the other was through ice, such as a glacier or icebergs. So, here we have two conflicting views about the future of humanity and the earth. Bad things want for mankind to happen, while good things want for the earth to be preserved.

One way that the world might end is through ice. If there is much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it can cause the temperature to rise, which can lead to ice ages. There have been many ice ages in the past, and every time there has been an ice age, all land-based life has gone extinct. When there is no more ice, then sunlight will be blocked out by the ozone layer being eaten away by solar radiation, causing global warming. This would mean that bad things would win out over good things and the planet would be destroyed.

Another way the world might end is through fire. If there is much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it can cause forest fires or explosions of volcanoes.

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