What story did Ponyboy tell the farmer?

What story did Ponyboy tell the farmer?

What narrative did Ponyboy tell the farmer when he asked for church directions? They were pretending to be soldiers and had to report to headquarters. So he told the farmer that the war was still on and they were still being chased by the police.

Ponyboy was a black youth living in California's Black Land Area during the early 1950s. His character was based on author John Steinbeck. The novel and its film adaptation were both set in Salinas, California, where Steinbeck lived and worked as a reporter for The New York Times.

The novel tells the story of a young black man named Ponyboy Curtis who lives with his family on a ranch near Salinas. He has a friend named Jeff Bogard who is based on a boy named Kenji Mizruchi in real life. One day when Ponyboy is riding his horse down the street looking for trouble, he sees a white girl being attacked by some white boys. So he tries to help her but one of the boys hits him with a rock and then all of them run away. Later on at school, someone reports seeing two soldiers on the campus so the principal asks everyone to go home except for those who know the truth about the war. Only then does it become clear that it was Ponyboy who reported the soldiers' presence on campus.

Who was Ponyboy in the letter that Dally gave him?

Who composed the letter that Dally delivered Ponyboy at the church? Ponyboy goes "swimming" where? What motivates the Socs to approach Johnny and Ponyboy? What exactly is Dally up to in the bedroom? Where does Johnny get the notion that anything gold can last forever? Ponyboy recites something to Johnny. Who did Johnny and Ponyboy encounter in the middle of the night in the park? Why does Ponyboy want to go to Hollywood? What does Dally do for a living? How long has Johnny been working for Dally?

These are just some of the questions that this novel will answer for you.

Ponyboy's father had been killed by police when he was just a kid. His mother died when he was sixteen. He never knew his siblings. After the death of his parents, he started running with a gang called the Socs. They used to beat up people for money. Sometimes they'd even hold them for ransom. One day someone ordered them to kill Johnny Ringo. They didn't know it was him who sent the message. When Johnny heard what had happened, he left the gang and went to California. There he made lots of friends including Dally West. One day Dally took him to see a movie star named Grace Kelly. She liked Johnny so much that she hired him as her private detective. That's why Dally calls him sometimes to find out what's happening in Hollywood. Last time he called, Dally told him there was a part in a movie that needed solving near Las Vegas.

What does the pony try to convince himself of the first day they are in Windrixville?

Ponyboy awakens from a tired slumber on the floor of the Windrixville church. It's afternoon, he's alone, and he has no idea where he is. He tries to convince himself that everything... the battle, the freight train, the cathedral... is a dream, but he can't. Somehow, he knows it's not.

He sees a book lying next to him. It's opened at a page with a picture of a unicorn on it. The unicorn is holding a sign that reads: "Wanted: Brave ponies ready for adventure." Under the unicorn is a list of places to which travelers are assigned when they arrive in town. There's also a note attached to the page that says: "Follow the map 'til you find a green star. That's your first job. Now, for your second job..."

Ponyboy gets up and follows the map. When he reaches the end of it, he finds a green star. He takes this to be his ticket out of town, so he starts walking toward the exit point on the map. But after a few minutes, he realizes he still doesn't know what kind of place this is or who might be able to help him out. So he decides to look around first.

He walks into a room and finds another map. This one shows all of Equestria, so he thinks maybe there are some safe houses somewhere in the country.

What did we learn about ponyboy in the newspaper?

What did Ponyboy discover from the newspaper? He discovered that he and his siblings may be placed in a boy's home. Ponyboy wasn't cruel or rough; he was simply a decent greaser kid. His father had been killed when he was little, and his mother could not take care of him and her other five children so she gave him to her friend Mrs. Hill to be raised.

Ponyboy learned that if he was sent to the boys' home then it would be because his mother couldn't take care of him and his siblings. This made him feel bad but also glad that he didn't have to leave his friends behind.

Mrs. Hill was a good woman who wanted to help Ponyboy's family but she could only take care of four children. She knew that if anyone was going to send more kids to the home then there wouldn't be enough food or clothes to go around. So she decided that maybe Ponyboy should go to a new home where there were more kids to share their things with.

When Mrs. Hill brought Ponyboy to the orphanage director he decided that since there were so many kids needing homes that he would send all of them to different families instead of just one or two. This way everyone would get a chance at being happy again.

What happened when Johnny Pony and Dally returned to the church?

When Johnny, Pony, and Dally returned to the chapel, what happened? The church has caught fire. They also saved some children from the flames. While Ponyboy is reading Gone With the Wind, Johnny says this to him. "That book's a lot of crap." Then they both laugh.

Nowadays, people say things like this all the time. This isn't special or unique to Ponyboy. He was just born in the wrong time. If he had been around today, he would have been called a hipster.

However, this doesn't mean that Gone With the Wind is wrong. It's just not for everyone. If you don't like sad books or stories about love, then this isn't the book for you.

Also, people tend to make a lot of assumptions about characters in novels. For example, many people think Scarlett O'Hara is a real person because she appears in the book. But she's a character who lives in a novel so she can be anything you want her to be. The same thing can be said about Ponyboy's friend, Riff Randell. He may look like a regular boy but he's a stuntman working on a movie in town.

In conclusion, gone with the wind is a beautiful book about love and sacrifice.

Why did Ponyboy write this story?

Ponyboy, on the other hand, hopes to demonstrate that his buddies are worth remembering by telling the narrative of Dally, Johnny, and the rest of the gang. Ponyboy also wants to tell his story to comfort other boys in other cities who "[jump] at their own shadows" and fear they will always be misfits.

In conclusion, Ponyboy writes his story so that others won't have to.

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