What themes are in the poem "Chicago"?

What themes are in the poem "Chicago"?

What is the poem's theme? The poem's topic is how proud the residents of the city are of their city's brutality. They compare it to the violence of a jungle beast, but also the civility of a civilized nation.

In addition to comparing Chicago to a jungle beast and a city, the poet compares the city to other things as well. For example, he says that like the Nile River, Chicago has many streams and rivers that flow into it. He also says that like the elephant, Chicago has no fear of man. Finally, he says that like an Indian temple, Chicago will always be young even after all its bricks are old and weathered.

This last comparison is what makes me think that the poet was not only aware of but also influenced by ancient Egypt when writing this poem. You can see Egyptian pyramids all over Chicago today. The idea of making something modern but with ancient roots seems very popular among artists and architects today. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci invented some mechanical devices thousands of years ago that have been recently rediscovered by scientists. Also, Frank Lloyd Wright designed some beautiful buildings that look like they came out of a book instead of out of thin air.

Modern artists often borrow from history because it is easy to do so.

What is the theme of the poem in spite of the war?

Even in times of adversity, the poem's subject is one of optimism, courage, and joy. Death and the ground, despondency and disgrace The poetess encourages her audience to focus on the good parts of life rather than the unpleasant ones. Although war has taken its toll on everyone involved, the poetess believes that it can be done so with hope.

What is the theme of the poem "Animals" by Walt Whitman?

What is the poem "Animals" about? The poem's topic is the superiority of animal life above human existence. The poet Walt Whitman connects animals to people. Animals are significantly more appealing to him than humans. He believes that animals share a spiritual existence like humans do, only they're not aware of it.

Throughout the poem, he compares the lives of different animals in order to prove his point that they are all equal. He starts off by saying that animals have no reason for self-consciousness so they don't worry about evil or good luck. This makes them free from fear and this gives them an ability to live their lives without any regrets.

They also don't know what time will bring, so they can't worry about tomorrow. This means that they live in the present moment like we do. Walt also says that they have no sense of right or wrong which means that they can't be blamed for wrongdoing. In conclusion, animals possess a pure soul and they should not be treated as slaves because we believe that they are less important than humans.

The last line of the poem says that animals are better than people because they aren't burdened with sin. Humans carry guilt around with us all our lives while animals are innocent of any crime. This shows that they have nothing to feel guilty about so they can enjoy life without any restrictions.

What is the theme of poetry?

The underlying message that the writer or artist want to express is referred to as the theme. Themes can appear in poems, short stories, novels, or even works of art. It might be as basic as love, or as complicated as human vs nature. But whatever the case may be, the theme represents the central idea of the work.

Some examples of themes in poems are as follows: Love, hate, death, life, loss, hope, pain, madness. You get the picture!

The theme of a poem can be understood by looking at how or what the poet wants to express. This could be through images, sounds, words, syntax (the order of these elements), etc.

For example, one might think that images would be sufficient to convey the theme of "love" but Edward Lear's poems show that words are also useful for this purpose. He used nonsense words and phrases to illustrate his points about love. Here are two of his poems that use this technique:

Love is like a butterfly; it feels happy when its wings touch those of another butterfly. Love is like a flower; it needs to be smelled to be loved.

Nowadays, people often use songs to express their feelings about love. These songs then become known as love songs.

What is the theme of the sentence?

The topic is the major notion that the author wants to communicate about the subject. It is stated in the form of a phrase or broad remark about life or human nature. The topics are suggested rather than expressed clearly. They are inferred from what has gone before and from the main idea of the paragraph or section.

In this sentence, the theme is summarized as "love is blind". Love is what makes us care for others even when they hurt us. Without love, we would not want to help people who abuse their power over us. We would only want to protect ourselves from being hurt again.

This is because love is blind. It doesn't see things that should be obvious to it. Therefore, we must learn to trust those we love with all our hearts.

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