What type of poem was it before you were mine?

What type of poem was it before you were mine?

"Before You Were Mine" is written in free poetry, with no set meter. The poetry takes on a more conversational, intimate tone as a result. Remember, the speaker addresses her poem to her mother as if they were two friends remembering. Thus, the poem is told in first person present tense.

The theme of this poem is love lost and found again. The speaker remembers how much she loved her husband until one day he went away without saying goodbye. She thinks about him often and even dreams that he tells her he loves her. Then one morning she wakes up and realizes that he has gone.

She feels sad when she thinks about him but then she remembers all the good times they had together and feels happy again. This poem is about learning from past mistakes and moving on with your life.

Love is a powerful thing. When it is gone it leaves a hole inside that cannot be filled by anything or anyone else. But that doesn't mean that the listener/reader should give up hope. Sometimes we find love again, even if it is only for a short time.

What does the title before you were mine suggest?

The title of the poem provides an interesting contrast in and of itself, since it appears to convey romantic love but, in reality, the poem is about a platonic friendship. Despite the fact that the narrator is reminiscing, she utilizes the present tense, giving the poem a ringing immediacy. This suggests that the feelings described are still very much alive for her.

The first line contains a poetic device called "antithesis", which means putting two opposite things next to each other to show how they are different. In this case, it's two words that seem to describe the same thing but actually mean completely different things. "My heart opened like a flower" uses this technique to show that the heart has always been open even though it may have appeared closed before. This is another way in which the poem is written in the present tense, because something that appears to be permanent such as a physical organ can still feel fresh after many years.

The second line begins with the word "what", which asks a question. The answer comes right after it in the form of a prepositional phrase containing the word "before". This indicates that something important is going to be said later on in the poem.

In the third line, the poet uses personification to give voice to her friend. She says that her friend was "lovely as a lily" before adding that she now seems "like one herself".

What poem can you compare before you were mine to?

Compared to Carol Ann Duffy's Before You Were Mine, with * by Simon Armitage There are several parallels and contrasts between Carol Ann Duffy's poetry Before You Were Mine and Simon Armitage's poem *. Both poems are about a mother's bond with her kid. In Duffy's case, it is a daughter who has fallen out of love with her mother while in Armitage's case, it is a son who has rejected his mother.

Duffy's poem was published in 2008 in The Penguin Book of Contemporary British Poetry. It is one of four poems by Duffy. The other three poets are Robert Graves, Edward Thomas, and Siegfried Sassoon. Before You Were Mine was included in the 2009 collection The Best of Young Poets 08.

Armitage's poem was written in 2006 and it is part of his Collected Poems. He is an English poet whose work focuses on the relationship between parent and child. His father died when he was only six years old and his mother had an emotional breakdown soon after that which caused Armitage to move in with his grandparents.

Like Duffy's poem, Armitage's childhood experience has inspired many similarities in their work. Both writers use language that most children will understand which makes their poems very relatable. Also, like Duffy, he uses images from nature to express his feelings about his mom and this technique is also popular among young poets.

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