What was the first newspaper in White Oaks, NM?

What was the first newspaper in White Oaks, NM?

In 1880, Jonathan H. Wise founded the White Oaks Golden Era, the town's first newspaper. The Lincoln County Leader, the Old Abe Eagle, and the New Mexico Interpreter were among the other newspapers. Florin (Florin, 1970, p. 662) reports that by 1884, there were eight newspapers published in Las Vegas.

The first permanent white settlement in present-day New Mexico was made in 1604 by members of the Narváez expedition. They established a small colony at what is now St. Augustine, Florida, but it failed almost immediately due to attacks from indigenous people and starvation. In 1607, Captain Juan de Oñate led another expedition into what is now New Mexico with plans to establish a new colony for Spanish settlers. He traveled up the Rio Grande looking for a site for the colony and came across the present-day village of Aztec, which at the time was inhabited by many Native Americans. Oñate decided to settle here instead and the colony was named Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe after the appearance of a picture of the Virgin Mary in a whirlwind during a battle with the Indians. This event has become known as the Battle of Aztec.

White Oaks was founded in 1870 by Thomas Nuttall and John Pinto. They arrived in New Mexico on a wagon train led by Kit Carson and participated in several battles with the Indians before leaving the territory years later.

What is the oldest newspaper in Ohio?

Chillicothe In 1793, The Gazette, Ohio's oldest newspaper and my first workplace, was formed. It published by James Thomson and his son-in-law Samuel Bryan. >

It was founded as a weekly paper on March 2, 1793, by James Thomson and published from that time until 1807 when it was bought by Ebenezer Denny and became a daily newspaper.

Its first issue came out on a Sunday because it was then expected that papers would not be published the previous week. The idea of giving a paper a definite date for publication every week was not yet adopted. Instead, papers were published on a weekly basis or sometimes twice a week. But since the Chillicothe Gazette was expected to be published on Sundays, they made their first issue on Monday, March 2, 1793.

The paper remained under the ownership of the Thomson family until 1807 when it was sold to Ebenezer Denny who operated it as a daily newspaper for three years before selling it to John Corrill and Thomas Worthington. Corrill and Worthington continued to publish the paper as a daily after winning a legal battle with another newspaper company over rights to use the name "Daily" in Ohio.

What was the first newspaper in Montgomery, Alabama?

Montgomery incorporated in 1819. The Montgomery Republican newspaper is launched. The Franklin Society was established. The Presbyterian church and the Montgomery Light Infantry were founded in 1824. The Alabama State Library is established in Montgomery in 1828. The Montgomery Advertiser newspaper started publication in 1833. It replaced another paper called the Alabama Journal.

There are more than 150 newspapers published in Alabama today, including the Birmingham Post-Herald, the Huntsville Times, and the Mobile Register.

The first newspaper printed in the state was the Alabama Journal, which was established in Montgomery on March 3, 1823. The weekly journal was published by John W. Deaderick and was also the first official newspaper of record for Alabama's capital city. Within a few months, three other newspapers were launched in the state: the Montgomery Sentinel, the Tallahassee Federal Gazette and Georgia Weekly Telegraph. All four papers were established by journalists who had served in the War of 1812 with the United States Army. They brought with them experiences publishing news from Washington, D.C., to their readers in the southern states.

The Alabama Journal was followed by several other newspapers during the 1820s and 1830s, such as the Montgomery Advertiser, the Selma Unionist, and the Tuscaloosa News. However, only two more newspapers were published before the American Civil War: the Confederate Paper and the Southern Standard.

What was the first newspaper in San Felipe, Texas?

The Texas Gazette, one of Texas's first newspapers, began publishing on September 25, 1829, at San Felipe, under the editorship of Goodwin B. Cotten. On October 10, 1835, Gail Borden's Telegraph and Texas Register, which became the unofficial diary of the revolution, was first published in San Felipe. The paper was destroyed by fire on August 13, 1836, but it was restarted immediately.

Goodwin B. Cotten came from a prominent family in Virginia who had ties to the law. His father was governor of Virginia and his brother Thomas M. Cotten served as attorney general for Virginia. When Thomas M. Cotten moved to Texas in 1833 he brought with him several newspapers that he had published previously in other states. One of these papers was the Texas Gazette, which was then continued under the same title after Gail Borden acquired it from Thomas M. Cotten. In addition to publishing news about Texas, this paper also included advertisements from merchants in San Antonio looking to expand their business into the unsettled territory south of the Rio Grande.

After publishing the Gazette for a year and a half, Goodwin B. Cotten moved to Houston where he established another newspaper, the Houston Daily News. This paper was very successful and it soon attracted many more advertisers. In 1842, just months before the city was officially founded, Mr. Cotten sold his interest in the paper to John Henry Moore and went back to Virginia to live out his life.

Where can I find old local newspapers?

Where Can I Find Old Newspapers Online?

  1. 19th Century US Newspapers.
  2. Accessible Archives.
  3. Ancestry.com.
  4. Chronicling America.
  5. Early American Newspapers, Series 1, 1690-1876.
  6. Footnote.com.
  7. GenealogyBank.
  8. Google News and News Archive.

What was the first newspaper in Covina, CA?

Newspaperman H. N. Short and colleague J. R. Conlee come in Covina to launch The Covina Independent, and soon after establish the first structure on the new town site—their print shop—at the southwest corner of Citrus and Badillo. Print shops were common in the late 1800's and early 1900's, when newspapers were made by hand.

Today, small towns across the country are experiencing a resurgence of their downtown areas with specialty stores and restaurants. These places are perfect for tourists who want to get away from it all or people looking for something different. Covina is one of these small cities and its unique location near Los Angeles and San Bernardino makes it easy to visit. There are also parks, museums, and theater groups that can keep you occupied for a few days if you need to stay in town longer.

The Covina Daily Courier is now the city's only newspaper but there were other papers published here in the past. The first newspaper in Covina was called The Covina Independent and it was established by Newspaperman H.N. Short and colleague J.R. Conlee in 1887. This paper covered news around Covina and nearby communities including West Covina, Valley Glen, and Thorton. It was sold in 1890 and replaced by The Covina Herald which was published for another ten years before it was shut down in 1900.

What was the first newspaper in Evansville, Wisconsin?

The first newspaper, Badger, was founded in 1894 by local sisters Eleanor and Marilla Andrews and was controlled entirely by women. Vol. 1, no. 1 was published on October 13, 1894, and Vol. 12, no. 14 was published on April 7, 1906. The paper closed in 1906.

Women had to fight for their right to publish newspapers. They could not be held legally responsible for what they wrote, so there was little danger in criticizing government officials or other powerful people. However, they did risk losing their jobs if they were found out after the fact. In addition, they could not claim ownership of anything they wrote, so they couldn't make any money this way.

Still, women saw a need for a medium through which they could voice their opinions about issues such as slavery, civil rights, and equal employment opportunities. The Badger started this movement by giving women a platform from which to speak out.

In addition to running the newspaper, the sisters ran a school for girls and boys. When it came time to choose a topic for the first issue of the paper, the editors decided to focus on raising money to buy equipment. They asked readers for donations and sold subscriptions. Within a few months, they had raised enough money to purchase a press. This shows that even with only a small staff, it was possible to start up a newspaper.

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