What would you say was Rizal's greatest contribution?

What would you say was Rizal's greatest contribution?

Rizal's most significant contribution is his poem "A La Juventud Filipina" (To the Filipino Youth), which asserts that even at a young age, anybody may serve his or her nation and seek the best for it. This poem is considered the manifesto of the Philippine Revolution because it expresses the desire of the youth to free themselves from Spanish slavery and establish their own government.

It also reflects Rizal's belief that only through education can the people rise up against oppression, so he created schools available for all children regardless of class or social standing.

In addition, he proposed a national language for the country that would be used in place of Spanish, promote the use of the Filipino culture over foreign influence and inspire the people to be proud of their heritage rather than feel inferior compared to others.

What did Jose Rizal say to the Filipino youth?

Rizal wrote "A la juventud filipina" when he was just eighteen years old and dedicated it to the Filipino youth, whom he characterizes as "the fair hope of my nation."

He went on to say: "Filipino youth, do not despise your country's future. Look toward the west, to America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. There you will find opportunity for advancement without limit. There is wealth and glory for all who are willing to work for them.

The example of our own countrymen shows that one can make something of themselves in America. All they need is a good education and the ability to work hard. With these two things, anyone can become rich.

Now, young people of today, don't let this chance escape you. Seek knowledge and wisdom. Store up valuable information so that you will be an asset to your country when you grow up. And most important, enjoy your time here on earth. Because once you have left for America, there will be no return.

Jose Rizal died at the age of thirty-three while in prison for speaking out against the Spanish government.

What is the contribution of Jose Rizal to our country?

Blurtit What Was Jose Rizal's Contribution to Our Country? During the Spanish colonial era and the subsequent independence from Spain, he was the most famous champion for change in the Philippines. He is regarded as a national hero, and his image appears on the Philippine peso. I acknowledged the author. I also learned some new words that I did not know before - especial and anachronism.

His life's work promoted the education of women and children, equal rights for all people, religious tolerance, and opposition to slavery. These are important ideas for anyone who wants to make this world a better place for everyone.

In addition, Jose Rizal invented something called "Nipon", which is how the English language is written in the Philippines today. Before Rizal, the Spanish used Arabic letters to write their languages here in the Philippines. Rizal took these Arabic letters and turned them into Latin characters so they could be used again when the Philippines became independent. This is an example of linguistic anachronism - using parts of the language of one system (Arabic) to write up a new language (Latin) without considering whether those languages have anything in common.

Finally, Jose Rizal was very brave. Even though he was already sick when he wrote Misa ni de Rosario over 100 years ago, it still shows courage from someone who was about to die at the age of 36.

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