When did Lol Tolhurst have his first son?

When did Lol Tolhurst have his first son?

Gray Andrew Tolhurst, a poet and musician, was born in London in 1991 as Tolhurst's first son. In 1994, Tolhurst sued Robert Smith and Fiction Records for unpaid royalties, claiming joint ownership of the moniker The Cure with Smith. After a lengthy court struggle, he was finally defeated. In its verdict, the court ruled that The Cure was an intellectual property owned by Smith alone.

His mother was British singer-songwriter Charlotte Gordon. She had previously been married to guitarist Boris Williams from 1970 to 1974 and bass player Tony Kaye from 1976 to 1979. Her second husband was also a musician and they both played in a band called The Ducks (not to be confused with English rock band of the same name).

Lol is one of several nicknames of George Tolhurst Jr., who was born on January 4th, 1963 in Los Angeles, California. He is the son of American actor George Tolhurst and British actress Jane Asher. His father is half Japanese and half Irish while his mother is entirely British.

Asher made her first appearance on television in 1955 in an episode of ITV's prestigious drama series The Golden Age. From then on, she became well known in Britain and abroad for her role as Queen Elizabeth I in the BBC production of Mary, Queen of Scots. In 1961, she starred in another famous British TV series called The Baron which told the story of a wealthy family in 19th century England.

Did John Stuart Mill have a son?

This is exactly what James Mill did with his first-born kid, John Stuart Mill (1806–1873). James Mill was a struggling man of letters who had left his home Scotland for London following spells as a scholar, a preacher, and a tutor at the time of his son's birth. He tried to make a living writing essays and books on politics and economics but failed miserably. When John Stuuart was old enough, he sent him to school in England where he could receive an education equal to his own.

The relationship between father and son was not close. Although they lived together, James Mill kept his wife and daughter away from them because he didn't want them to interfere with his work. Once John Stuarts reached adulthood, he hardly ever visited his parents. He wrote many times to his father asking for money but never got a reply. Finally, frustrated by his father's absence from his life, John Stuart decided that he wouldn't see him again.

But then something strange happened. After losing contact with his son, James Mill started receiving letters from him. The first one he received was when John Stuart was already in his twenties. In this letter, he told his father that he had married well off Mrs. Taylor and asked him for money so that they could live comfortably. The next year, John Stuart sent his father another letter saying that they needed more money because Mrs. Taylor was still not giving him any.

What was the name of Jim Elliot’s first child?

Their first child, Robert, was born in Seattle in 1921, and he was followed by Herbert, Jim, and Jane, all of whom were born after the family relocated to Portland. Elliot's parents were devout Christians who nurtured their children by taking them to church and reading the Bible on a regular basis. When Elliot was only 7 years old, his father died when a falling tree struck him while he was fishing in northern California. This tragic event greatly affected the young Elliot, who became interested in religion after hearing his parents talk about it.

Elliot worked as a school teacher for several years after graduating from college, but he was never satisfied with this job. He felt that he could be doing more useful work than simply preparing students for exams. In 1944, Elliot joined the marines and was sent to fight in World War II. While serving in the war, he came across many situations where he knew he could help others by writing them letters. After the war ended, Elliot decided to stay in the marines and work with disabled veterans. He rose through the ranks until he was appointed commander of a battalion of soldiers in Korea.

While in Korea, Elliot saw many problems surrounding military discipline that needed to be fixed. So he drafted some proposals (called "Elliot Rodger's Articles") that would have made army life more reasonable for men like himself. One of these proposals included having a general discharge for those who were unable to adapt to military life.

Who was the father of the Tovey children?

Their father was George Tovey (b. 1849 in England), who immigrated to Australia and unfortunately died there in 1884. George and William had three children: George (born in 1902), Edward (born in 1904) and Mabel (born in 1906), all of whom were born in Waterloo, Sydney.

George Tovey's death left his family in poverty. The widow Mary (née Way) had no choice but to raise her children on her own. She worked as a housekeeper to make ends meet while searching for another job.

It was not until about a year after George's death that she found another position as a governess at a wealthy family's residence. This time the role belonged to Edna Way, one of the Tovey children. Impressed by Edna's skills, Mrs. Way offered her a permanent position when she grew up. Edna agreed and from then on they became good friends. When it came time for Edna to find her own job, she too was able to help another orphaned family by taking on a role as a governess.

Over time, the two women became so good friends that they decided to leave their jobs and move to Waterloo to be with their friend Mary. They never expected things to turn out this way... But now they have no income and no way to pay the rent. Unless they can find some kind of work, they will soon be homeless.

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