When did the Chicago Daily Tribune become the Chicago Tribune?

When did the Chicago Daily Tribune become the Chicago Tribune?

The paper was known as the Chicago Press & Tribune between 1858 and 1860. It was renamed the Chicago Daily Tribune after November 1860. The name change reflected the addition of a Sunday edition to the paper's schedule.

How long has the Chicago Tribune been around?

1847–Chicago Tribune, a daily newspaper published in Chicago that was for a long time one of the main American newspapers and the dominating, sometimes loud, voice of the Midwest. Three Chicagoans created the newspaper, as well as its parent firm and eventual media empire, the Tribune Company, in 1847. The company was founded by Horace Greeley, who owned the paper until his death in 1870; Richard J. Yates, who bought out his partner for $100,000 in cash plus $250,000 worth of stock; and Charles A. Dana, who took over after retiring at age 40 to pursue a career in politics.

They could have called it the Daily News or something similar, but they chose the name that would become synonymous with truth and accuracy. Ever since then, the Tribune has been the leading news source for readers across Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Today, the Tribune is still being published by the same family-owned company that was started back in 1945: the Chicago Tribune Company. The company owns several other publications, including the Los Angeles Times and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and employs about 7,000 people.

The Chicago Tribune is known for its editorial stance and strong political influence. In fact, so powerful is the paper that former United States Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt Jr. both wrote articles for it.

What is the Chicago Tribune known for?

The Chicago Tribune is a daily newspaper that is published in the city of Chicago. It is a major American newspaper that has long been the dominating, if often harsh, voice of the Midwest. The company was later purchased by Sam Zell in 1996.

The Chicago Tribune is known for its editorial position against labor unions, its support for many politicians from both major parties, and its coverage of crime and corruption in Chicago and throughout Illinois.

It also publishes an award-winning website, Chicago.com, which includes the popular section, Chicagotribune.com.

In addition to its Chicago edition, which has the largest readership of any English language newspaper in Chicago, the Tribune also publishes editions for Arizona, Florida, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle.

The Chicago Tribune is the second oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States. The Boston Daily Advertiser was first printed in 1765 but did not become a daily paper until seven years after the Chicago Tribune began publication.

The Chicago Tribune is printed at three locations: printing facilities in Glenview, Illinois, and on Taylor Street in downtown Chicago, as well as a commercial printing facility in Plymouth Township, Pennsylvania, that opened in 2001.

When did the New York Tribune start?

1841 Horace Greeley, the editor of the New York Tribune, launched the journal in 1841. From 1842 until 1866, it was known as the "New-York Daily Tribune," before reverting to its former name. It was the leading newspaper, first of the American Whig Party, then of the Republican Party, from the 1840s through the 1860s. After failing circulation tests in 1869, it ceased publication that year.

Its influence on American journalism and politics was great, but also controversial. The paper was admired for its integrity, and criticized for being too critical of government officials and their policies.

It has been called the "father of editorial writing" because of its systematic use of opinion pieces that were focused on a single issue rather than news stories. The Tribune is also considered by some to be the beginning of American journalism as we know it today because it created a market for political articles that other newspapers began to fill. Before the Tribune, political journalism was done primarily by members of Congress themselves because they had no other way to get their messages out.

The paper was an immediate success. Within a year, it had a circulation of 100,000 copies per day, making it the largest daily in the country. By 1845, it had become the first newspaper to sell a million copies per week, and in 1847, it merged with the New York Daily Review, another popular paper owned by Greeley, forming the most read newspaper in America at the time.

When was the New York Daily Tribune founded?

The International Herald Tribune is not to be confused with the New York Herald Tribune. Horace Greeley, the editor of the New York Tribune, launched the journal in 1841. In 1901, the paper was purchased by Joseph Medill Patterson and his brother Charles Moses Patterson, who ran it until their deaths in 1912 and 1919, respectively. The paper was then passed down to their children: Robert R. McCormick, Jr., John W. McCormick, and Alexander R. "Sam" McCrory. In 1967, the family sold the newspaper for $13 million to a group of investors that included: $1.5 million by the New York Times Company; $750,000 by the Los Angeles Times Company; and $11.4 million by the Chicago Tribune Company.

In 1975, the New York Times Company acquired the Chicago Tribune Company's remaining interest in the paper, giving the International Herald Tribune a total circulation of about 100,000 copies. The Times has since expanded the paper into a national publication with editions in more than 40 cities in 20 countries.

The New York Daily Tribune was founded in 1933 by Robert R. McCormick, Sr., who had been editor of the Chicago Tribune since 1920. It was published on Sunday nights and became a daily in 1940 when its distribution reached from Maine to Mexico City.

What is the Chicago Daily called?

The Chicago Tribune

Circulation448,930 daily 331,190 Saturday 853,324 Sunday (as of March 31, 2013)
ISSN1085-6706 (print) 2165-171X (web)
OCLC number7960243
Media of the United States List of newspapers

Does the New York Tribune still exist?

It remained a stand-alone daily until 1924, when it amalgamated with the New York Herald. The resultant New York Herald Tribune was published until 1966.. The New York Times

Front page of the New-York Tribune no. 7,368 November 16, 1864
HeadquartersManhattan, New York, New York, U.S.

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