When the evening is spread out against the sky like a patient etherized upon a table, meaning?

When the evening is spread out against the sky like a patient etherized upon a table, meaning?

Prufrock's self-examination is represented by the imagery of the sick. Furthermore, the "etherised patient" picture relates to a person awaiting treatment. As you can see, this image is very dramatic and suggests that life is full of uncertainty.

What is the tone of the poem meeting at night?

The poem's atmosphere is mostly nervous and tense, reflecting the narrator's need to get to his sweetheart. The narrator's enthusiasm is matched by the quick tempo created by the succession of imagery, from "fiery ringlets" to "slushy beach."

This short love poem was written by Christina Rossetti. Like many poets of her time, she used her pen name when she wrote poems that were also done by other people. In this case, the song "Benedicite" is attributed to Hiawatha Maynard.

Love poems are often about two things coming together: heart strings and flowers. In this case, the narrator wants to rush to his lover's side because she is sick. He thinks of her bright red hair and white skin like a flower, which will not last long without him.

Love poems can also be about one thing bringing two others together: in this case, it is love that brings the poet and his lover together. Love poems are always happy or sad, depending on who is reading them. In this case, the narrator is very happy that he has found love with someone who is sick. Even though they are separated by distance, he will still wait by her bed every night so they can be together again.

What is the theme of the night rain?

The poet's principal focus in this poem is the influence of natural events such as rain on humans. It confirms the adage that man cannot deceive nature. You lie down in the same manner that you make your bed. So, before you go to sleep at night, think about what has happened during the day. Did you get along with someone? If so, how? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself as you fall asleep at night.

There are many themes associated with the rain. For example: destruction followed by rebirth, uncertainty, hope, etc. The poet uses rain as a vehicle to express these ideas. As soon as it begins to rain, people rush out into the street with their bags and boxes of belongings trying to catch a ride from someone who might be going their way. Many times, they will stop someone on the street and ask them if they want to share the burden of their possessions. This is called "getting soaked" for nothing.

People love to talk about weather, especially when it is bad or good. In fact, there are entire magazines published solely about the topic of weather. We all want to know what kind of weather we are going to have tomorrow. Weather reports are important because we need to know whether it is safe to go outside without getting wet.

What is the main idea of the poem, "Meeting at Night"?

The major topic of this poem is the lover's desperation and longing to meet the beloved. This poem also depicts the conflict between the beauty of art and the movement of life; you cannot admire nature while going about your business; it is either one or the other. This poem can be interpreted in many ways because there are different views on art and love.

Some believe that art is useless when it is not intended for public display, but it serves a purpose even if no one sees it. Love is similar: people should feel passionate about what they do because it gives their lives meaning, but this passion must be kept private.

Others think that art is meant to be seen by others and is useful even if nobody knows about it. Love should be expressed publicly because it makes people happy, but it is best when it is not talked about.

Still others believe that art is both useful and intended for public display and that love should be shown publicly as well as privately. They think that meeting at night indicates that the lovers are afraid of being seen by others because that would mean exposing themselves to rejection. However, darkness also provides an opportunity to see beautiful things that you could never find during the day.

Finally, some believe that the poet was talking about physical attraction instead of love.

What is the meaning of "Out of the night that covers me?"?

"OUT of the night that surrounds me, black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquerable spirit," begins the opening line of "Invictus." William Ernest Henley is saying that someone's life is enveloped by darkness. Every facet of their life is reminiscent of the "pit," or torment. However, this person has found strength in desolation, and so they too will conquer.

Invictus comes from the Latin word meaning "undefeated." It was written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in 1855 while he was serving as the United States Poet Laureate. The poem is about a man who finds peace in despair, just like Unconquered King Richard III. Although his life was filled with violence and terror, he managed to find tranquility in madness and death.

Here are two more lines from the poem: "If you seek my soul, look into my eyes; / If you want to see my heart, read my lips." Invictus teaches us that we can take away everything else about someone - their reputation, dignity, and even their life - but they will still be able to see what you really think of them deep down below your appearance.

This tells us that the protagonist of the poem is surrounded by darkness.

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