When was Turandot written?

When was Turandot written?

Tuuranod/aetngemuue ph. s. 2467, an anonymous Chinese poem in four lines with each line having seven characters. The poem was probably composed between 712 and 694 AD.

It was first recorded in 1269 by Li Yu in his Shiji, which means "History of the Song Dynasty". He described it as a "famous poem", and said that it was written by someone who lived in the south of China called "Turan" (or "T'urang").

The poem is about a princess who wants to marry but can't because there's something wrong with her father's kingdom. So she goes to live with her uncle who tells her that there's another country where women are allowed to marry whoever they want. So she travels over land and sea to this new country where she finds her husband who turns out to be the king of this new country. They have two children who become stars in their own right - one is named Xinghua who becomes a sun while the other is named Yuanhao who becomes a moon.

As you can see, this poem is very old - almost 1000 years old.

When was Sunne Rising written?

1633. "Sunne Rising in your Face" is the fourth track on American rock band The Velvet Underground's second album, which was released in February 1967. It is a song about sunrises.

Cameron McCormick wrote this poem while walking along the beach in Vancouver, Washington. He was 18 years old. The music video was also filmed in Vancouver.

Watch the video for "Sunrise": https://youtu.be/d6WKlN0EzDQ

Listen to Rise: http://www.thevervelevultures.com/albums/sunrise/

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When was Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 written?


Shakespeare's sonnets have been interpreted as poems about love, poetry, and the transience of beauty. The exact date that they were written cannot be determined with certainty but it is believed to be around 1590-1603. The first published collection of Shakespeare's sonnets appeared in 1609. They have proved popular over time and many other poets have since addressed the theme of love seen by some as fitting for a young man in search of love.

Sonnet 18 is one of the shortest sonnets. It contains four quatrains and a final couplet. It is composed in iambic pentameter, which is the metre used for poetic drama in the English language. This sonnet has been interpreted as describing the shortness of human life. It may also refer to the brevity of passion between two people, or even the brevity of love itself. Finally, it may simply be a statement of fact about the poet's own experience of love.

Love is eternal, say the poets.

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