Where and why does the poet want God to light the lamp of answer?

Where and why does the poet want God to light the lamp of answer?

The poet prays to God to kindle a lamp of love in his heart, removing the darkness of ignorance. Ignorance is the root of all evils and misery. His ignorance will be dispelled if there is light, and he will be joyful. So the poet wants God to light the lamp of answer.

God has already said that He will answer him (v. 7). But here the poet asks Him to do so. Perhaps he fears that if he asks directly, God may refuse to listen; but as it turns out, God still answers him even though he does not get an immediate reply.

He wanted to know what was wrong with other people so that he could help them. Even though God had told him that he would never die (v. 6), the poet still worried about this future life. If there is no heaven, then how can anyone be sure that they are going to hell? This makes us think that perhaps this poem was written by someone who was not religious at all. However, even though it was probably not written by a believer, it shows that the poet believed in an afterlife where you spend eternity with either God or hell depending on how you lived your life on earth.

Why does the poet want to please God?

Why does the poet want that God... He wants to see God's face and know him. These are all prayers to please God.

What does the poet want us to be when it is dark or bright?

Answer: Everyone wants to be like the sun, which shines brightly, and no one has the courage to confront him with their bare eyes. However, the poet want to be like the moon in order to illuminate the darkness and shine brightly. He want to cast light on the darkness and prevent others from feeling wrecked during their gloomy moments.

Which way does the poet implore his Lord to lead him to?

The poet begs his Lord to guide him along the path of truth and justice. He also intends for him to be free of all questions and to be enlightened by knowledge and morals. Finally, he wants him to return home.

What does the poet want us to do in the poem, "The Voice of God"?

The poet asks us to not look for God in a certain location since God is everywhere. He is a member of the community. If you wish to win God's love, you must love all people.

What is the message of the poem, "light the lamp of the love answer"?

What is the poem's message? Answer: According to the poem, instead of requesting material luxuries, we should pray to God to fill our souls with His wisdom and love and to drive away all evil from our hearts. For this purpose, we should light a lamp - an act of worship that shows we need God in our lives.

Lamp stands for knowledge. It is learning what God wants us to know and doing it. As Christians, we are called to be wise people. God has given us minds so we can use them. He did not give us brains because he wanted us to sit around and think about Him all the time. No, He gave us brains so we can use them to learn and grow spiritually.

God created us male and female and wants us to live together in holy matrimony. So unless you're married, don't do it! Or if you're married, don't do it till you hear from Me again!

In conclusion, the poem's message is that we should pray to God to fill our souls with His wisdom and love and to drive away all evil from our hearts.

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