Where can I find a newspaper in Victoria?

Where can I find a newspaper in Victoria?

Hard copies of editions published after December 2, 2018 are available in the Newspapers & Family History Reading Rooms. The Herald Sun, The Age, Geelong Advertiser, Warrnambool Standard, and many other Victorian papers are included. Includes articles but no photos or personal announcements Some titles date back as far as the early 1990s.

You can also search online at www.trovebox.com.au. Results include images of each page so you can see what was printed about your topic.

Newspaper indexes are available for research at libraries in Victoria. Enquire at your local library to find out more.

Where is The Age newspaper published in Australia?

Since 1854, The Age, a daily newspaper in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, has been published. The Age is owned and published by Nine and is largely distributed in Victoria; however, copies are also available in Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory, and the border districts of South Australia and southern New South Wales. It is available in both paper and online forms.

The Age was founded by John Fairfax who also founded several other prominent newspapers in the country. The current editor is Paul Whittaker who took over from Andrew Jaspan after his death in 2018. The executive director is Mark Ryan.

Fairfax bought his first printing press in 1854 and started publishing The Age the following year. He hired George Robertson as his first editor. In 1865, Fairfax acquired the rival Melbourne Herald and renamed it The Herald and Weekly Times. In 1883, he acquired another paper called the Geelong Advertiser and made it part of The Age. In 1969, The Herald and Weekly Times was split into three separate papers: The Herald, The Age, and the Sun-News. In 1980, The Sun-News was sold and no longer appears under that name today.

The Age is known for its conservative editorial stance and often reports on political scandals with regard to the government or opposition parties. It also publishes book reviews and articles on various topics such as science, history, and politics.

Australia's oldest operating newspaper house, The Age has been based in Melbourne since its inception.

What is the oldest Australian newspaper still in print?

The Herald, founded in 1831 as the Sydney Herald, is Australia's oldest continually published newspaper and boasts "the most widely read masthead in the country." The newspaper is published in compact print form as The Sydney Morning Herald from Monday to Saturday, and as The Sun-Herald on Sunday. Its average daily circulation as of 2011 was 1.6 million.

The Australian was established in 1835 in Melbourne and has been published every day except for two days during World War II. Its current circulation is just under half a million. Both newspapers are owned by News Corp Australia.

If you want to see more old newspapers, the National Library of Australia has a lot of them online. It's called the Newspaper Collection and it's free to access through their website at nla.gov.au/newsletter.

When did the West Australian newspaper stop being published?

The management of West Australian Newspapers declared on December 8, 2014, that printed editions of The West Australian will no longer be available in retail locations located north of Broome in Western Australia's Kimberley area, including communities such as Derby and Halls Creek. From this date, The West Australian will only be distributed in print form within south-west Asia, with plans to launch a new online edition later in 2015.

The decision was announced after months of declining sales and advertising revenue. Around 30 employees were made redundant as a result of the closure, with some being offered positions at rival newspapers.

West Australians who want a copy of The West Australian can still get one from newsagents in South-West Asia. However, those without access to social media may not know about the closure, so it is important for them to tell their newsagent. The paper is also sold in Bangkok at the same time as its western Australian counterpart, but this sale does not affect The West Australian's publication schedule or distribution network.

The editor-in-chief of The West Australian, Peter Hannaford, said: "This is a very difficult and sad day for The West Australian and our community. Over the last 150 years, we have proudly served the people of Perth and the surrounding areas through good times and bad, when they had nowhere else to turn for information."

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